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Hostnetindia’s Windows cloud services is cloud hosting done over windows operating system with a bunch of servers located globally with each server having a designated set of functions. Their windows cloud solutions are designed to be virtual instance which is defined to work on a single environment co-jointly to offer best performance. Hostnetindia’s dedicated server instances are meant to perform various tasks like storing data, run applications, deliver services such as emails, messaging systems, etc. We provide a bunch of Windows Cloud services to suit different types of business needs.

    • NAME
    • IP
    • UPTIME
    • RAM
    • /MONTH
    • Standard
    • 1
    • Unmetered
    • MS SQL Server 2016
    • 99.95%
    • 8 GB
    • 150 GB SSD
    • Solid CP
    • 3999
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    • Platinum
    • 1
    • Unmetered
    • MS SQL Server 2016
    • 99.95%
    • 15 GB
    • 230 GB SSD
    • Solid CP
    • 5499
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    • Enterprise
    • 1
    • Unmetered
    • MS SQL Server 2016
    • 99.95%
    • 30 GB
    • 500 GB SSD
    • Solid CP
    • 11499
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You are paying for These Essential Features

Cohesive Server Shield by CloudFlare

Cohesive Server Shield by CloudFlare

Add Extra Security

Add Extra Secrutiy

Secured FTP Access

Secured FTP Access

Rapid Provisioning

Rapid Provisioning of Services

Entreprise Grade Cloud Platform

Entreprise Grade Cloud Platform

In-built features of windows cloud

  • Smarter Mail Tool
  • Windows server in cloud
  • Get DDR3 RAM
  • 99.95% Uptime Promise
  • Service level agreement
  • Solid control panel
  • Keep Website Secure
  • Sufficient SSD Storage
  • Live Technical support
  • Chat and phone support
  • Reliable windows cloud
  • Standard windows additions
  • WordPress supported windows cloud
  • Budget friendly Plans
  • Drupal & Magneto supported solution
  • FTP/SFTP Tools
  • PHP and MySQL support
  • Protect your files
  • Free SSL solution and domain
  • Offline accessible solution

Got a Question? We've the Answer!

Hostnetindia’s windows cloud services can execute all of your complex workloads with its supreme computing and storage performance. Their solutions offer high-quality storage for the robust applications, including SQL Server, NoSQL databases, SQL Data Warehouse, Oracle databases, and SAP SD Standard Application. With such powerful combination handling complex workloads is not a tough task from anywhere.

All of their windows Cloud packages include.

  • Free of cost Domain name and Free SSL certificate
  • Rapid Provisioning of Services
  • Assured 99.9% availability
  • Silverlight, Node.js, ASP.Net AJAX, web hooks are supported by most of the plans.

Our powerful windows cloud packages are grouped into eight different categories. The basic plan if offered at INR 1799 a month which consists of 2GB DDR3 RAM, one Dedicated IP address, 25 GB of SSD storage space, bandwidth of up to 300 GB, standard Windows operating system which is fully managed. The plans are scalable according to specific needs.

Hostnetindia’s Azure portal allows you to manage the server and applications effortlessly easily. You can even automate tedious and time-consuming everyday jobs, accelerate app delivery, and reduce human errors considerably. With the availability of in-built analytical tools, you get log analytics with which the performance can be improved significantly.

We offers a centralized security center offers integrated security management across hybrid cloud environments. The security center allows you to define resources, write security policies, and respond to incidents efficiently. The security features include

  • Cohesive Server Shield by CloudFlare.
  • Integrated Mod Security WAF.
  • Regular Scan Operations
  • Secured FTP Access.
  • Hotlink Defense.

Our Windows cloud packages come with an option of transferring existing Windows Server and Windows licenses to Windows Cloud quickly. This allows smooth movement of licenses without spending additional money, enabling considerable cost reduction.
We remain to be at the progressive edge of Windows Cloud hosting. Your control panel is loaded with simple One-Click application Installer that turns the configuration of the most prevalent open source web apps stress-free for you. All of the applications are maintained up to date.

With Windows cloud in place, handling of the server is no more a complicated task. The users don’t even require expertise to set-up, install, and maintain the business applications. It is all managed. The users can quickly begin by choosing a pre-defined template and get started immediately. Any complex environments can be set-up effortlessly using these templates as they are tried and tested ones.

Our windows cloud plans are highly scalable and accessible. The services and solutions we offer can be customized as per your needs and requirements. With us the need for initial investment is considerably reduced when you opt for any of our windows cloud plans. The users can easily deploy and run any Microsoft applications on our Windows cloud servers. We ensure smoothness of your operations by allocating dedicated windows server depending on your requirements. Our cloud platforms (Linux Cloud and Cpanel Cloud) you pick are highly scalable instantaneously at any point of time giving you with the choice of getting bigger with your operations efficiently.

The windows cloud solutions are offered by Hostnetindia can turn you out to be more productive. We have deployed the state-of-the-art and comprehensively tested servers across all of our data centers to ensure that the data always remains online. The top benefit of using our windows cloud is the availability upon installation. The users’ need not have to wait for a long time until the whole deployment process finished. They can start using the services and applications instantaneously from wherever they are. Our expert Windows Cloud Migration team makes the migration process a lot simpler and more comfortable. The windows cloud solutions we offer are also compatible with the Linux operating system.

Our Windows cloud services are pay-as-you-go model that allows the businesses to hold on to their budgets as they will have to pay for resources that they consume. The Windows cloud SaaS applications from us also cut the costs of on-perm infrastructure, upkeep, and monitoring of the environment.

The windows cloud solutions provided by us are the best-in-class services which can accommodate any of your growing needs. Our services allow you to utilize windows cloud computing technology to transform your infrastructure more agile, manageable, and secure. We are here to provision the best in-house windows services as per your needs and requirements. Contact us or have a meeting set-up with us to know about our niche windows, cloud-based services, and the associated solutions. Our Windows certified experts are here to help you with all the queries you have.

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User friendly Panels

CPanel and other tools are really easy to use. I have been handling my solution without any experience. Thanks hostnetindia.

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That’s why I am using service of hostnetindia. Excellent support and I get it anytime whenever my website faces errors with no dely.

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Speed was matter of concern for me but at this time as we are getting advantage from hostnetindia’s windows cloud, I don’t need to concern about Speed.

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Cheapest Prices

Hostnetindia provides services at cheapest prices with fully managed services and 24/7 support. Their services are really affordable.

Amit Kumar

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Free Tools are awesome

They provide free SSL certificates and domain services with every single cloud plans. Because of them we can secure our website and get high performance and uptime at the same time without extra cost.

Dharmendra Sahani

Director, Fort next technology solution pvt ltd

Quick Chat Response

They respond really quickly whenever we try to contact them. Either I contact them by chat or phone or mail, I get their response at same time.

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