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If you want refuse to take our services then you will have to follow this process to ensure the cancellation of any hosting solution you purchased from We will only refund you the hosting fee when you cancel the service in mentioned time. If you don’t cancel the service in this time then we will not accountable to refund the product fee.
Main refund terms – If you cancel hostnetindia service in given time then we will pay you full money of product as per our terms and policy.

Billing policy

    • At least one Year or more - Within 30 days of the date of the transaction.

   • Less than 12 months - Within 48 hours of the date of the transaction.

Right date of transaction
We clarify the date of transaction is the date of hosting is obtained or renewed by the owner which is followed by hostnetindia. In this case we will follow the agreement terms.
We have the right of cancellation any hosting package at any time and we will refund the fee according to policies.

LocalConsider these terms –
You have to submit the cancellation request to the billing division by using a ticket or by billing portal.
You will have to submit this request from official email id.
We do insist that your cancellation proposal must concludes the exact IP address and domain of web hosting plans which you want to stop.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee (Refund Policy)
We want to announce that all new buyers of hostnetindia, can get this advantage of 30 days money back on all web hosting solutions if they request by written mail (Don’t conclude VPS and dedicated).
Here the new buyer means a person who never obtained hosting from hostnetindia before. In another case, if the buyer acquire hosting plan in second or third time from hostnetindia, then they will not entitled to get the benefits of refund policy.
And if you consume the limitation of bandwidth in first 1 month of hosting service then you cannot get the refund money.
Last but not least, dedicated server, cloud and VPS product services are not come in this refund policy and hostnetindia hold this right of refuse to refund the money of hosting plans.