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Accelerate your application with GPU Server

Get your application supercharged with the best and most inexpensive GPU servers that offer high speed and greater efficiency. Contact us today to explore our wide variety of GPU Servers for better performance.

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Greater Speed

Experience the fast-loading times and data processes with our supercharged GPU Server. This allows you to complete tasks within a minute.

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Quality Graphics

Our servers are capable of handling graphic workloads that ensure the best visual experience and greater performance. Achieve higher results with us.

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Easy Scalability

Based on your needs we offer easy scalability which means you can match your requirements with our web hosting plans that suit all types of businesses.

GPU Server – Plans & Pricing

Our GPU Servers come at pocket-friendly prices. We offer customized plans to meet all are client needs connect with us today to know more about our pricing.

Monthly Usage Silver Order Now Gold Order Now
Upto 8,000 N/A N/A
8,000 - 25,000 10,000 55,000
25,000 - 50,000 15,000 60,000
50,000 - 100,000 25,000 80,000

Our Features for GPU Server

Manage all your Web Applications with high-performing GPU servers while staying within your budget. Our GPU server is all you need to get your requirements done.

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Powerful GPU

Hostnetindia offers wide variety of powerful GPUs that are specially designed to meet all the demanding needs of modern computing workloads.

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Technical Assistance

We have qualified team of experts who are well aware of all types of hindrances faced while managing a GPU Server. Our team is available for you all day and all night.

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Cost-Effective Solutions

Having a Tight Budget? Do not worry Hostnetindia offers cost-effective solutions for all your web application needs. Connect with our sales team to get the best price today!

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Workload Maintenance

A GPU Server is one of the best options for managing high workloads as it offers robust capabilities in handling complex tasks effectively and efficiently.

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Greater Security

Our GPU Servers are highly secure and reliable. We follow updated protocols and standards for the protection of our servers. This means all data and files are secure

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Managed Services

We offer services that provide you utmost relaxation when it comes to server management. Our team of experts are there to handle all the technical glitches

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