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Who We Are

We have built our culture around the unwavering commitment to providing the most reliable hosting services. Our team works tirelessly to ensure your websites and applications are always online and performing at their best.


"To empower your buisness to reach new heights by giving best services and tools for online/digital growth. "


"To empower your buisness to reach new heights by giving best services and tools for online/digital growth. "


"Ensure the availability of and access to information that enables customers to make timely, informed decisions by strengthening data and knowledge management approaches."

Why Choose Us

Continuous Learning and Development

Hostnetindia recognizes its employees as its most valuable asset. To foster a culture of growth, innovation, and excellence, we as a company place a strong emphasis on continuous learning and development for its workforce.


Employee Recognition

Hostnetindia upholds a fair employee recognition policy that values transparency, objectivity, and inclusivity. Ensuring that all contributions are equitably rewarded and fostering a motivated workforce.


2.Growth Opportunities

Hostnetindia is the ideal place for your career growth, offering a dynamic environment, learning opportunities, and a supportive culture that brings the best to your professional journey.

Effective Leadership Style

Hostnetindia demonstrates effective leadership through visionary guidance and a commitment to fostering employee growth, resulting in a thriving and innovative work culture.


Participative Work Culture

Hostnetindia has a participative work culture, where every employee's input is valued, leading to good decision-making and a sense of ownership among the team.

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Empowered and Passionate Team

Meet the incredible individuals who make up Hostnetindia. We're more than just coworkers; we're a family working towards a common goal. Here's a glimpse of some of the faces behind our success:

Jai Parkash Soni

Cheif Technology Officer At The Hostnetindia(CTO)

Gopal Shekhawat

Account's Head

Ravi Singh

Sales Head

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