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Unlike ordinary hosting schemes that placed many client records on a single server, a dedicated server is solely intended for a single customer's account and utilization. This implies the Dedicated Server client has exclusive privileges to the bandwidth, memory, and processing room of their server and efficiency is not influenced by other clients ' flow and consumption habits. When you buy a Dedicated Server, you are lending a server cabinet that is installed and installed to your needs but stays in our data center. A dedicated server card with admin (root) offers you with a devoted IP address and complete command of server utilization and software installation.

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Have you all set to run a business over dedicated server infrastructure? Then opt for the right server position.

  • Server Locations – We supply space for Miami, Los Angeles, New York, California, Texas, and Seattle and so on.
  • Low Latency – Our managed and unmanaged servers have low latency features for better user experience. No hidden cost.
  • High Uptime – 99.95% high uptime guarantee with high performance upgraded servers.
  • Unmetered Bandwidth – No extra changes for extending data transfer limits. Manage traffic without being worried.

The most common choice among large and small-scale businesses is shared hosting, where several different sites share the resources of a single server.

But a company looking for more power and control may need a dedicated hosting service provider. A client leases a server from a dedicated hosting supplier with specialized hosting and has exclusive use of the funds of that server. The provider works with the client to provide them with the necessary CPU, RAM, and disk space. The supplier creates and retains the server, removing the upfront price of buying their own from a company.

All our server packages are fully managed and secured 24* 7. The dedicated servers are preloaded with a variety of server leadership equipment that is supervised by our engaged server expert’s team. Server management involves setting up and maintaining custom server plans, security, standbys, and technical maintenance. The computers are provided with surveillance and virus-defense facilities for MySQL, Apache, correspondence and DNS spam as per your ##s. Each dedicated server is fully shielded, intended, and customized to meet your specific company needs. Almost all of the computers are given to you.

Choosing a dedicated hosting company ensures that your page has the highest uptime. Shared hosting is often ideal for low-to-medium-traffic pages. If your blog gets a ton of traffic, dedicated servers are more stable and reliable than mutual storage.

You can also be convinced that you do not share the room with a fraudulent blog or a prospective spammer with a dedicated server. Dedicated hosting enables improved safety, which is particularly essential for businesses that handle delicate FTP or SSL operations.

Total uptime provides all our alternatives with a 100% network uptime for all clients. That implies we ensure that it will be accessible at all times. Period.

Many challenges will say that it is foolish to make such a promise as 100 percent uptime is impossible to achieve, but we strongly disagree. If we only start to attain uptime of 99.9 cents (which is the industry's most prevalent assurance), we'd be satisfied with over 43 minutes of downtime per month. That quantity of downtime, particularly for mission-critical internet companies, is inappropriate.

Be free to make links with other cloud suppliers and, contrary to many of them, and you will see obviously that ours is real and not marketing hype. We imply what we're saying, and with true promises, we support it. The finest suppliers of cloud services give their clients up-time incentives, but not all of them can stay up to them. Some with real credits or refunds back the guarantee, but many don't.

As stated above, a VPS is a shared server system that mimics all of a dedicated server's characteristics and functions. With a VPS hosting, however, you share a physical server's funds with other clients. You should migrate to a dedicated server if you need better output.

The best part of our services is that we offer a specialized solution to the problems related to dedicated servers and also offer same day deployment to all.

Hostnetindia offers best customer care support with 24*7 guidance, and the well-trained executives are there to help you with the on-call facility with 100% customer satisfaction to all. So if you are looking to buy a dedicated server, then you must give net host India a try and they will offer you with the best solutions and resolutions to your queries. Under our genius team leaders, the group of over 30 Super Heroes works around the clock to guarantee you get a WOW factor in everything at the organization. They have selected and developed the best individuals in the sector and put them together to promote your hosting environment and infrastructure just as the Super Heroes are doing to this globe. The squad is enthusiastic about their job and aims to satisfy all our customers, 100%. It's just the success that you are chasing.