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First of all I would like to mention who are actually consumers of 256 IP dedicated server and why they choose it? Basically the organization or individual who is in the business of marketing and uses several methods for accomplishing it are needed to have multiple IPs. Actually 256 IPs come in subnet 24 in IPV4 and customers prefer buying the entire subnet. Using different IPs or multiple IPs may be more costly but it is really very helpful and has so many advantages. Using 256 IPs can be more profitable for you if you use them in better manner effectively.

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There are always some legitimate reason to add or use multiple IP addresses, there are some factors to help you to determine that how many multiple IPs you need.

  • Budget: always check your budget before adding multiple IPs because each IP comes at a cost.
  • Deliverability Reputation: if you are facing some problems in sending mails from any mail stream and affecting the overall reputation.

Basically 21st century is the era of Social media marketing where the number of businesses adopting social media for marketing is being increased rapidly. Therefore every business house, corporate and entrepreneur want to get noticed online which is becoming harder every day.

As some of the techies specialized at using multiple IPs for marketing may aware that there certain social media automation tools/applications which need as many Dedicated IPs as you can provide to function correctly and generate superior returns.

Because social networks are some of the most restrictive websites and they block the IP once they identify as a spam, since you have 256 IPs and you pretty know how to rotate them regularly. It is the reason why marketing managers chose to start automation of their social media account where they’ll be using dedicated software on the server with the help of 256 IPs.

With the help of these automation tools you can manage not only one but a many accounts and message can also be delivered without compromising any account. So 256 dedicated IPs are very useful in managing your social media marketing which will definitely give you solid return.