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Hostnetindia (A Unit of The Pinnacle Group Inc. India) has become A pioneer in the Indian IT Infrastructure Services Space. Hostnetindia has 12 years of experience and expertise in delivering availability, uptime and performance SLAs for over 2000 + enterprises in India and Globally. We do provide Colocation services with Netmagic DC in India and Tier 3 Data centers in In USA and UK Location

Hostnetindia started managing dedicated servers, Virtual private servers, Shared hosting, reseller hosting, Bulk mail solution with Power MTA, and domain services in 2006 with some world class Datacenters located in India and USA. Now we have launched our own cloud solutions in India by developing and modifying XEN platform, as XEN is a free platform hence not require any license cost like Hyper V or VM Vare , and is easy to scale vertically as well as horizontally. Our SSD Cloud in India and SSD dedicated servers for India, USA and UK Location. They have better performance, Raid 1 enablity, unmetered bandwidth, and managed services facility. Hostnetindia offers a numbers of plans considering Small, Medium and large enterprises pocket and resources requirement. Hostnetindia is - Certified Provider of Hosting and Dedicated Services in India.

We believe in assistance till client feels that he is taking services from where he was looking for. We actually help the Corporates, Educational Institutes, NGO's, Startup's, BPO's and E-commerce companies in the way where they get the road map for managing their services. We actually want to expand ourselves through expanding our clients in the way of their business, skills and capacity as well. Every Web-hosting company provides web services but we assist the organizations and startup's beyond that which enables them to run their business smoothly. Hostnetindia always try to make things easier for its clients and partners.

We are serving thousands of customers across the globe. We want to participate in your growth which will ultimately give the growth to us.

In our journey we have assisted many Govt. organizations and also hosted several Govt. projects. We're assisting many corporates to run their organizational mailing services and websites. We're also working with small and big resellers who themselves working with hundreds of end users

This is what we value

hostnet india We believe in giving the quality of service which is our identity. When a client connects with us even with a shared hosting we always try to give him our best services so he might expand his business so we'll also get the option to sell him other services. So this kind of spirit also assists in increasing client's business and as well as ours in long term.

host netindia We believe in integrity between what we aim and what we do. When some organizations work together for a long period then integrity will be required there for sure which keep connecting them for a long run.Integrity gives you the reliability which helps you in getting new clients where they really get what they were expecting from you for your services.

hostnetindia We're committed towards our vision. In this field you can't be sure about the technical issues which you face using dedicated servers and virtual private servers. But what makes the difference here is your approach towards the issues. What solutions you provide to your clients depend on your capability which comes from real experience, Knowledge and dedication which you'll find here.

host net india Co-ordination is very important whether it comes to a small organization, Big tycoon or your internal department. So we believe in cordination even when a client faces the technical issues or communication gap in managing his services co-ordination plays a big role. A good co-ordination between clients and us gives the comfortness to both us. So client can channelize his energy in expanding his business rather than being panic about technical issues.

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