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Linux Cloud – a Linux based operating system which is a collection of kernel alterations done to the Linux resources that offer functionalities to allow system managers control the resource utilization by the server, segregating users so that glitches with one specific user account does not vitiate the service of the others. Linux Cloud solutions offer more abridged control to server, memory, database and application utilities, with consumers allocating and expending the minimal resources which their application need

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  • Customizable CentOS and Mysql database.

In the past, users had to download and install software programs into a physical server and then run it, whereas in case of cloud computing solutions the users can easily access the applications using the internet medium. In simple words, hosting solutions have become the backbone of the software industry. But for a website to successfully go online, it is very important that one chooses the appropriate web hosting solution plan. Users before picking up a hosting provider and a plan have to think about what issues they could face during web hosting and they must focus on the essential features a service provider is offering.

When using any cloud-based resources, the main issue occurs when a single application consumes all of the available resources. This is effectively managed in Linux Cloud using the LVE technology. With the lightweight virtualized environment technology available in Linux Cloud, every user account is allocated with a discrete set of apportioned assets such as Storage, CPU, etc. Our LVE expertise ensures that these assets are distinct to that particular account, thus increasing the stability of the service.

CageFS is a private, single-user file system which exclusively encapsulates every user, inhibiting other users from viewing personal data. This feature of Linux Cloud creates a virtual server environment because of which one user cannot see the other user in the same environment. This feature offers enhanced security and also controls user access to unwanted resources.

Our PHP selector services of Linux fulfills all your requests, with new version categories being added regularly. PHP Selector is a Linux Cloud module that is placed over CageFS functionality. It lets every user select the required version of PHP and component according to their requirements. To use this functionality, the user must have enabled the CageFS feature. The user can fetch the current version of PHP selector by running a piece of code in the command line quickly.

In such shared hosting settings, DB performance is often a glitch. Retaining the MySQL steady can at times be problematic, and when a user queries the DB everything else might decelerate. The MySQL manager functionality of Linux Cloud empowers the system administrators to identify such users and control the situation quickly. The MySQL manager feature monitors Memory and disk IO utility and regulates them using the LVE technology and limits the queries per user account. We assure you to offer the best hardware and setup in the industry with available settings. Our 24x7 client support team is well-equipped and is readily available to resolve your needs anytime, anywhere.

Linux Cloud frequently publishes security patch upgrades to safeguard the user account continually. The lightweight virtualized environment (LVE) supports by quarantining malicious programs and hackers from retrieving responsive records or fetching any sensitive information from the server. Linux Cloud creates a bubble layer across your account so that no info neither goes or nor comes in. With all these best features from Linux Cloud, we ensure client satisfaction by accomplishing every customer’s needs.

The level of consistency Linux Cloud offers turns every asset more efficient, which lets the users increase the customer base on every server without any issues. The resource exploitation spike is also considerably reduced through which the server efficiency can be significantly enhanced. Through the Linux Cloud shared solutions, the server utility rate can go up to 80-90% than before thus offering a good profit from the hosting business. Ascertaining the generous benefits of the Linux Cloud over the other shared solutions will certainly help your business grow to the next level. Linux Cloud Shared solutions are stress-free, consistent, compatible, reasonable and adequate for hosting the information on a shared environment. Because of that, it is most judicious to exploit our Linux Cloud prospects to attain the aids as stated above. We afford to make it easy to use in the cloud and ascend as you develop.