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Cheap VPS Hosting

With the considerable multitude internet users, most of the businesses are moving towards carrying out their business online. This option has become one of the most efficient and profitable solutions as it lets the owners identify potential customers and increase their customer base quickly with just a few clicks sitting anywhere. The significant role is played by the VPS hosting providers who offer services for running the online business activities.
When choosing the right and Cheap VPS hosting provider, it is essential to look for their plans and similar offerings that come along with the package. It is also necessary to look at the product pricing and offerings that are required for your business before deciding on a plan. When buying a Virtual private server hosting services, it is vital to look for various types of operating system templates that come along with the bundle. Linux-based VPS plans intend to offer a good return for the value as their systems can be easily rationalized owing to its open source nature. Some of the operating systems we offer along with our cheap VPS hosting plans are:
  •     CentOS :

    Being one of the best Enterprise-level operating systems, CentOS aims at providing a secure, stable, and lightweight OS. CentOS are one of the right options for VPS hosting and it offers flexibility and scalability to its users.

  •     Debian OS:

    Our Debian VPS offers the most steadfast and stable OS platform with which the users can customize the system as per their needs. The Debian VPS stays up-to-date with the latest control panel and other features.

  •     Fedora OS :

    Fedora is an open-source, advanced, innovative operating system platform which is highly recommended for VPS hosting needs. With every Fedora-based VPS hosting plan we include KVM hypervisor that is needed for Fedora installation.

  •     OpenSUSE OS:

    This highly flexible and reliable operating system is yet another option for VPS hosting. Our OpenSUSE VPS can be personalized as per needs which can replicate the look and feel of a dedicated server at a low cost. The OpenSUSE VPS packages offered by us are easily manageable with the limited technical knowledge required.

  •     Scientific OS:

    Scientific Linux is the best type of OS for those projects that require long-term support and stability. If you’re looking for a durable, reliable, and steady operating system that poises all features of VPS, then the scientific OS is the best choice. All of our VPS with the scientific OS are accommodated on sophisticated hardware which is highly fault tolerant.

  •     Ubuntu :

    Ubuntu is one of the best picks among the other operating systems. A user who requires a stable and flexible OS can rely on Ubuntu owing to its open-source nature. Ubuntu is best suited for projects with high-security needs. With Ubuntu VPS, the user gets root access to manage the system files. It is considered to be the best high-performance Linux operating system suitable for any VPS hosting.

Dedicated IP -

Since a Dedicated IP address is needed to install SSL certificates, having one is essential for maintaining your website safe from any data threats. Get first-class features with our cheap VPS hosting services! One of the most critical features offered by us is the dedicated IP address. Any VPS plan you choose comes with a dedicated IP address and internet protocols. All the scripts and extensions are compatible with the dedicated IP we offer.

We support ipv6 Support -

The latest technology that uses 128-bit addresses. With the IPv6 support in place now there can be many devices connected to the network at the same time, thus saving heaps of amount for our users. We ensure to offer IPv6 support in every VPS hosting plan of us irrespective of the configuration. The IPv6 support we provide allows categorized address distribution approaches that enable route aggregation through the Internet.

Full Root Access – The virtual server package you choose offers you the chance to acquire root access, with which the users can install any needed OS and access the system files. SSH type of access has also been included in all our cheap VPS hosting plans. The users can troubleshoot any issues using SSH if they are not able to access through a web interface. With the root access, the users can also install and remove any applications of their choice.

SSD disk drives - Assured private server assets is our stand! We ensure to offer high-performance and zero downtime. Our cutting server technologies are loaded with the most recent Intel processors, terabytes of SSD disk drives. With such high-technology SSD disk drives, we ensure to deliver fast computing speed. Rapid and consistent SSD drives are instigated on all of our VPS hosting servers. This guarantees the steadfastness of any website that is running on our servers.

We offer what you need

We never compromise on customer satisfaction. Our cheap VPS hosting packages empower users to pick the appropriate plans, operating systems, and features they need as per their needs and requirements. Convenient to the user, yet powerful management tools allow our users to capitalize on the perspective of our Virtual Private Servers.

Server A

  • Ram: 2 GB
  • Processor: 1 core
  • Storage: 40 GB
  • Bandwidth: 200GB

Server B

  • Ram: 4 GB
  • Processor: 2 core
  • Storage: 60 GB
  • Bandwidth: 400GB

Server C

  • Ram: 6 GB
  • Processor: 2 core
  • Storage: 80 GB
  • Bandwidth: 500GB

Server D

  • Ram: 12 GB
  • Processor: 4 core
  • Storage: 150 GB
  • Bandwidth: 750GB

Why choose us?

Every VPS Plan we offer works and performs like a dedicated physical server, performing securely and safely for your websites, providing you full control over the server. The most excellent point is all of these come at affordable pricing. Linux-based operating system comes at an affordable price range with required specifications with us. The bandwidth and storage space we offer is definitely worth the money you pay. The plans we offer come with a variety of disk space specs to make sure that there is a reasonably priced starter pack.

Unlike other cheap VPS hosting service providers, you need not pay for those essential features. The users can always pick a plan depending on their budgeting constraints and requirements. Being one among those top cheap VPS hosting solutions provider, we offer pay-as-you-go features allowing the users to tailor your specifications, which will add more value to the money you have spent. We guarantee to deliver the flavor of low-end VPS hosting solutions which will be worth for the money you are going to pay!

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