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  •     Step 1.First, click into the domain box where you have to type the letters.
  •     Step 2.Just add your name into the search box with an extension. But adding an extension is not necessary.
  •     Step 3.You don’t need to add an "HTTP" protocol or "WWW" before your domain name while using domain tool.
  •     Step 4.You have to type one name and press the search key.
  •     Step 5.Then, press the “Search” button.
  •     Step 6.In the new tab, our tool shows the availability of your domain with all its extensions with prices.
  •     Step 7.Check, your desired domain with extension should be ready for use.
  •     Step 8.When you find a suitable domain name then click on the "select" button and make payment.
  •     Step 9.To measure a different name, “backspace” first one.
  •     Step 10.Our tool will give you all possible choices with availability and prices.
  •     Step 11.You can also prefer domain name plans which are given below.
  •     Step 12.If you get stuck somewhere, then contact us.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Domain Registration India

Domain names are IP addresses, but all the users cannot keep remembering all the IP addresses to access the different websites. To handle this, domain names were invented to provide comfort to internet users. Mainly, domain names are formed as an individual name, so that each user can effortlessly memorize them.

Every domain name has its private dedicated and unique IP and such IP addresses are recognized by computers.
A domain name signifies your website name over the internet, it can be your company name or product or service name.
For Examples –
IP Address -
Domain Name –

Hostnetindia offers cheap domain registration in India. Get your email user id and strong password to access the Hostnetindia's domain control panel to be administrator your domain name and you will be assigned full access from scratch.

Do you want to build an online presence then surely you need to buy a professional .TLD to set up a website. You must go for a domain that reflects your skills and products. We are an accredited and trustworthy domain Reseller in India and you can sign up a domain name from us.

Yes, you require registering your domain name to have a website. Having a live website, you will be able to reach up to potential buyers throughout the internet.

  • After registering a suitable domain name, you may buy a web hosting plan to host your website. Also, you can go for a website theme in case you are making it on Wordpress. You then should go through the control panel that is attached to your shared hosting plan.
    To know about our cheap shared hosting plan.

A domain is the name of your website like your name, that symbol of your website like a logo. But the website is a little bit different - A website is a collection of webpages where you put text, images, and videos to make your visitors understand what you have for them.

Mostly domains are bought for at least one year or two years but in case if you require for the long term, you get to know that hostnetindia offers up to ten years ownership of. During following the domain registering process, pick up the span up to ten years.

Hostnetindia offers a variety of options to get the domain registered by users. All the plans are displaying on this page. Take your time and conduct several experiments to find out the best domain name as per your choice.

Yes, it might take few minutes and you have to follow some guidelines to get your host changed. Make a call to our technical assistance and switch over to Hostnetindia.

It is an impossible job to get the domain name changed after acquiring once. You should go for a new domain name if you are regretting the first domain. Domain reselling another option you may select.

Such domain names are known as internationalized domain names that are often registered to target East Asia customers.

Not necessary to use your domain name immediately. You can utilize it any time before its expiring date.

Always keep remember your domain expiry date, Make a renewal payment before the last date. Hostnetindia reminds its clients to renew their products and services in time.

The right domain is extremely important. If you go with the wrong one then it can harm your business and modify it later on, which might create problems for your trade forever.
You believe that buying a domain name is easy? If yes then you are mistaken. It is a little bit hard if you are serious enough to start a website.
A domain name should be easy to remember and easy to type in the search bar that doesn’t contain any hyphens and any special character.
The domain name should be representative of your business. For example, we are a web hosting company and our website is in which “Host” and “India” two words have been added that reflect our service. The reason behind it, host means hosting and India means we are selling services in India. I hope you have got the point.
To know more information Read this Content - Choose the Best Domain Name.

You don't need to add "WWW" at the beginning of the domain. It will be added automatically to your domain name.

Yes, it can be possible within a few minutes. Go to our support page and open a ticket to transfer your domain name to Hostnetindia.

TLD is the last term of your domain after “dot”. There are plenty of top-level-domain like .com, .gov, .or, .In etc. but one domain is attached with one TLD. Your domain name cannot be completed without owning TLD and after purchasing it you cannot change it in the future.
Mainly TLD are two types-
gTLDs means generic top-level domain.
ccTLDs means country code top-level domain.
.Com, .net, .org are known gTLD. Generally, people prefer .com domain names for their websites.
.In, .Us and .Uk are ccTLD. When you are targeting a specific country then go for ccTLD.

A huge amount of domains are registered daily. If you find a domain already registered then find its alternatives. You can use your product name or you can buy an already booked domain with a different extension.
Our domain search tool is highly advanced and flexible. It shows you complete metrics when you press the search button.

Everyone can find domain ownership using a WHOIS tool. But when you select privacy protection as it shows you in the last step before making the payment, you will not be found on WHOIS and other protocols.

TLDs define your website in a more extended way.
.Com – It is the sign of commercial websites but no one can prevent you to utilize it for any website like blog and eCommerce.
.Org – It symbolizes organizations mainly profit-based. But there are no restrictions to use it anyway.
.Net – This TLD is the first choice of sites that are offering networking services.
.Info – It is as common as .com. and anybody can book it.

A domain is an address of your website that helps your visitors to keep remembers about you. Web hosting is an internet space where the website database is stored to make visible.

Yes, if you looking for more than two domain names at the same time then communicate with our sales team that will undoubtedly help you. You will be given better discounts.

Hostnetindia is the most trusted web hosting company that offers domain and hosting at reasonable prices and you don’t need to worry about any invisible prices. You only have to pay as given on the website.

Try to search for some ideal names for the website name and don’t forget to know their availabilities along with prices. Some most popular domains are highly costly so stay updated.

Yes, we offer .In domain names. Go to the domain name search bar and select .in extension and start analyzing a proper one.

Yes, we allocate .com TLD domain at cheap price. We have a more convenient domain registration tool and you can approach it. Sometimes we offer free domains with VPS and Dedicated server hosting plans. Get Started.

Yes, Hostnetindia is an accredited trustworthy domain reseller since 2010.

Yes, we allocate .com TLD domain at cheap price. We have a user-friendly domain registration tool and you can approach it. Sometimes, we offer free domains with VPS and Dedicated server hosting plans. Get started with us.
For Instance: - Our website is but we have been using (It is subdomain) to run a forum.

In many situations, you want to cancel your domain name. In General, A domain name is registered for a minimum of one year and you cannot cancel registration during this period. After this span, it will automatically expire if you will not pay it for another term.

A domain name is completely yours after once registering. You can make all decisions in connection with your domain name.

We have launched a complete website creation guide to teach you all from the basics to advance.
Learn create a wordpress blog.

You can build a brand for yourself and approach the audience through online ways. Owning a domain is like a chance to spread out your message to the mass readers.

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