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Why buy an SSL certificate
Gopal at Thu Aug 2018 12:19:54

Why buy an SSL certificate

1. Rock-solid security -: HostNetIndia SSL certificates provide upto 128 or 256-bit encryption for maximum security of your website visitors' data

2. Boost customer confidence -: Many customers actively look for the SSL lock icon before handing over sensitive data. Get an HostNetIndia SSL certificate to increase your customer's trust in your online business.

3.Better SEO rankings - : Google gives higher rankings to websites secured with SSL certificates. Which means SSL certificates are critical if you're serious about your online business.

4. HostNetIndia Secure Seal -: Your certificate comes with a Comodo Secure Seal that serves as a constant reminder to customers that your site is protected

5. Frequently asked Questions

(I)-: What is an SSL Certificate? - An SSL Certificate is a digital certificate issued for a domain by a central authority called the Certificate Authority. To be issued an SSL Certificate, you must...

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What is MySQL ?
Gopal at Sat Aug 2018 12:41:19

What is MySQL ?

MySQL is a very flexible, open source relation database management system. Its support a very large number of applications.

>>   MySQL is a opensource database server.
>>   Freely available to use.
>>    Supports a large number of platforms.
>>    Default port uses 3306.
>>    Uses Stored procedures and Triggers for high productivity.


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How to Backup and Restore a MySQL Database
Gopal at Sat Sep 2018 15:57:53

How to Backup and Restore a MySQL Database
MySQL is a database server for storing data permanently.If you are using MySQL server for an production use, then it’s necessary to create database backup for recovering from any crash. MySQL provides an utility mysqldump for taking backups. In this article you will learn, to taken databases backup in .sql format for archive format. Also we will explain various options for it.

Options for Creating MySQL Databases Backup
You have many options for creating databases backups. read few options below. For this example we have using databse name “mydb”.

1. Full Database Backup in Plain .sql File
# mysqldump -u root -p mydb > mydb.sql
2. Full Database Backup in Archive .sql.gz File
# mysqldump -u root -p mydb | gzip > mydb.sql.gz
3. Backup Single Table Only
# mysqldump -u root -p mydb tbl_student > tbl_student.sql
4. Backup Multiple Databases
# mysqldump -u root -p --datab...

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How to Reset MySQL root Password in Linux
Gopal at Sat Aug 2018 11:49:38

Q. How to reset MySQL root password in Linux? How do I recover MySQL root password? I forgot MySQL root password, steps to change MySQL root password? How to reset MySQL root password using the command line. How to reset forgotten MySQL root password on Linux? How to reset MySQL 5.7 root password?

MySQL is an open source database software widely used for data storage. Sometimes we forgot MySQL root password. So don’t be panic, This blog will help you to reset MySQL root password with simple steps.

Step 1 – Start MySQL in Safemode
First of all, you are required to stop running MySQL server. Use one of the following commands to stop MySQL server on your Linux system.


# systemctl stop mysql.service    //For Systemd based Systems  “


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Linux Server Security Tips
Gopal at Sat Sep 2018 15:16:05

Security of data and server from hackers is a main task of system administration services. Below is few basic security tips for your linux server.

1: Strong Password Policy

Making strong passwords is first stage of securing your server. Do not use common names as your password like yourname, date of birth, mobile number etc. Passwords should be alphanumeric with upper and lower case letters.
You can use password aging policy on your linux machine to enforce users to change there password on regular interval.

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Things Consider Before Selecting Dedicated Server
Ajay at Sat Apr 2018 18:00:19

Things Consider Before Selecting Dedicated Server

I'll just start it with a practical question. Just think you want to make an app like Facebook. There are many people who have this ambition. Here the question number one which occurs is which server you need.

I always suggest to consider below points before selecting any dedicated server/VM/Cloud:

What is the impact of server downtime on your business?

One of the first things to consider when selecting a dedicated server is how to deal with potential downtime. If you are also looking for VM and Cloud this fact plays vital role. So choose the service provider wisely with least downtime.

Scalability of your application

Scalability is also an important factor while selecting a dedicated server. How well does your application scale? Is it easy to add more servers and will that increase the amount of end users you can service? If it is easy for you to scale, it doesn’t matter whether you use a dedicate...

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