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SSl Certificates to Meet Any Need

All HTTP sites are not secure

As per GOOGLE notification all the HTTP sites are not secure. How does HTTP site looks: http example by hostnetindia

All HTTPS sites are secure

As per GOOGLE notification all the HTTPS sites are secure. How does HTTPS site looks: hostnetindia is secure

How to secure your site

A website can run on HTTPS only by installing SSL certificate on it. The SSL stands for secure socket layer which ensures the private connection between the browser and a web server by encrypting the data transfer. It prevents intruders to steal your data. SSL certificates are issued to the domain, and it encrypts the data transfer with the domain name only. It does not provide encryption to IP addresses. SSL certificate encrypts your site and prevents it from unauthorized access. This is important because the information you send on the Internet is passed from computer to computer to get to the destination server. An SSL Certificate is a bit of code on your Customer's web server that secures online communications. SSL Certificates inspire trust, keep online interactions private and help customers gain the confidence to conduct transactions on a web site.

SSL Plan & Price
Duration SSL 123 Certificate Web Server Certificate SGC SuperCert Web Server Wild Card Certificate
1 year 1,710 5,399 12,900 22,500
2 year 3,070 9,899 22,500 38,000
1 year Renewal 1,710 5,300 9,999 22,500
2 year Renewal 3,070 9,500 19,700 38,000
1 year Add License 1,299 3,500 8,000 15,000
2 year Add License 2,199 6,000 15,500 27,000