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Our Dedicated Server Features!

Opt for Server Managed Supports

We offer a variety of management and application supports. Notify us of your business figure, Our Team will offer economical dedicated server plan.


Managed Server

Get High security, software and OS updates, management, and full technical support by us.


Unmanaged Server

Basic level support, comparatively fewer OS updates, some software updates, few monitoring upgrades, etc including little to no intervention from us.


Free Migration

Our in-house technical team directs server migration.

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Dedicated server is a one application centric server that lets you fully enjoy highest security, more bandwidth with more volume of RAM. As the name says, it concentrates only in one website and gives unique IP address, business email accounts, more disk space along with full root access which a user do not have to share with others unlike shared hosting.

It depends on the plan that you choose under dedicated server. But, our all dedicated server plans consists the mail accounts features that are sufficient for your website.

Hostnetindia gives disparate amount of bandwidth with each of its plan under managed, unmanaged, and Linux and windows. Basically it ranges between 10,000 GB to 20,000 GB under managed and unmanaged server, 10 TB TO 150 TB under USA and UK based dedicated servers. You can also get your bandwidth increased or decreased as per your requirements.

Yes, you can add any third party tool on dedicated severs, but our support team will not be responsible for them.

Yes, hostnetindia does offer back up services under dedicated hosting plans. Even our technical assistance will schedule weekly backups to protect your website.

Xeon Quad Core and random access memory along with HDD are assigned along with Linux cheap dedicated server plan.

Additionally, sufficient bandwidth and unique dedicated IP are allowed with ultra-advance servers with added operating systems in the form of Linux and windows.

Our support team is active 24*7*365. In case of any issues, send a ticket to our billing team; they will resolve all the problems. We offer both Linux and windows support services.

As Hostnetindia is offering uptime 99.95% under dedicated server with all the plans so you no need to concern regarding downtime. Rather our datacenters are established in India, in case you are targeting India audience then it will be bonus for you.

To secure your website, Hostnetindia will keep updating the system from time to time. As you will get separate IP address, bandwidth, disk space; so no questions should arise here regarding how to secure your website. Moreover, our free SSL certificate products enhance your website trust as well as security.

You can undertake 150 to 500 websites under dedicated server.

Our starter plan starts from Rs. 3199 per month under managed dedicated server, INR 5999 per month under unmanaged dedicated server, $ 45 per month under USA based dedicated server and INR 7999 per month under UK based dedicated server.

More information of prices along with their features check plans sections again or contact our sale team.

It depends upon you and your requirements to run a website. If you have no technical knowledge how to operate a website and little time to spend with the site, you can go for Hostnetindia’s managed server. Otherwise you can purchase unmanaged dedicated server.

Dedicated IP address can identify a separate dedicated server where your websites files are stored. Through a dedicated IP address you can enter into your website by typing in the IP address. A dedicated IP address isolates your website and associated email from any other websites. This will serve you higher level of server control.

Hostnetindia datacenters are situated in multiple cities of India – Jaipur, Bengaluru and Noida are three of them.

You can definitely upgrade dedicated hosting when you need. Access your control panel and go to add services section. Now click on upgrade next to dedicated server. This is the easiest task that performs over a server. In addition, our team helps you to upgrade your cheap dedicated server India.

Our team deploy your server same day after getting payment from you. And at the same time after getting installed your server you can start using your Linux dedicated server.

Yes, if you can compare our dedicated server whether it is Linux or windows or managed or unmanaged, you will find it very affordable. We are giving a chart to answer you along with comparison with other service providers.