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What Do You Mean By Dedicated Server?

Different from the physical servers where a specific set of resources are only utilized, dedicated servers allows us to exploit the system’s resources to the fullest extent. A dedicated server is more of a physical server where all the tangible assets are stored. There are several problems associated with hosting services. So are these problems affecting your daily business? Our dedicated hosting services ensure to offer high-class and influential, completely redundant infrastructure for every type of business that exists. The users get complete access to root and configuration which in turn is a considerable benefit for the clients. Our Dedicated hosting solutions are suitable for big organizations or websites with much-sophisticated traffic flow.

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Get Data Backups, Rapid Deployment and Simple Control Panel Features

Managed Server
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6999 / Month
Unmanaged Server
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5999 / Month
USA Managed Server
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39 / Month
UK Managed Server
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7999 / Month

Inevitable Advantages

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Free SSL Certificate

Free SSL Certificate
  •  Cheap Renewal Price
  •  Easy to set Up
  •  Get Free Up to 3 Years

Get Free Domain

Get Free Domain with Server
  •  Cheap Renewal Prices
  •  Easy Domain Transfer
  •  Get Free Up to 3 Years
Features of Our Dedicated Server

Get Full Control

The user gets complete access to the resources of the server when they go for dedicated hosting solutions. The user need not be concerned about the bandwidth or network congestion or resource sharing with other CPUs and RAM. This eventually offers excellent speed, and the user need not worry about network spikes or system slowdowns. The users are provided with complete administrative control over the server. This denotes that the user can modify and add applications and resources as per the needs.

Get Full Control

Scalability is Assured all Through the Way

Each business has its vision of developing more prominent regards to income, client base, and website visitor count. Owing to advertising campaigns, commercials, and other network spikes, the user must have a resource-rich system to flourish in their business. This can only be attained by opting for dedicated server hosting solutions. Whatever may be the type of application you wish to run, a dedicated server takes care of it entirely. In the same way, there is a scalability assurance for your website.

IPv6 Support Advantage

Our all dedicated hosting solutions are always support Internet protocol version six. IPv6 is the latest modern technology of internet. This feature makes your website visible for your readers that use IPV6 to approach the internet services. There are lots of companies are offering this adventure but no one like hostnetindia. This time would never come so contact our experienced support team to get this awesome support.

IPv6 Support
Data Backups

Data Backups

Preserving data reliability is naturally considered only at a later point. We know that data damage can lead to a significant predicament and hence we offer numerous alternatives for avoiding this incidence. Every dedicated server is accessible with redundancy avoiding programs and data backup facilities to avert interruption and data damage caused by a drive failure.

Rapid Deployment

Our rapid deployment process of dedicated servers provide near instantaneous positioning of sets of unique configurations. We make sure that the Rapid deploy servers are pre-constituted devoted servers and are in a ready state for any operating system. Once a rapid deploy is bought, our programmed systems begin their work by providing the dedicated server for the intended operating system of choice.

Rapid Deployment
Simple Control Panel Options

Simple Control Panel Options

Our dedicated server environment offers multiple control panels that are accessible and in-built. With numerous control panel choices available, picking the right one for your dedicated server is now easy. A few of the most common choices include cPanel and MSControl which is considered to be the most reliable options.

Dedicated servers – our little decision-making guide

A dedicated service is held in reserve with a complete set of the assets owed to the client. This denotes that no two users will be able to share network connectivity, storage, memory space, etc. Our dedicated server hosting solutions have been intended to offer 100% up-time with uninterrupted services. Users who handle financial data, health archives, or confidential administration controlled information tend to go for a dedicated server owing to the security reasons. We also assure to set-up your standard dedicated hosting server in just minutes and ensure that the servers are offering ultimate performance. Another critical advantage of hiring our dedicated server is for the best-in-class support services provided.

When it about selecting the right operating system (OS) for the dedicated server we make sure to offer plenty of choices. You can go with the standard Window OS support or go for intended Unix/Linux OS appropriate for your proposed use. A variety of operating systems are accessible across the dedicated server solutions and picking the right one for you or VPS is based on simplicity and user-friendliness. Whatever your choice is we ensure to offer complete support anytime, anywhere.

All our dedicated server packages are entirely managed and secured 24*7. The dedicated servers are pre-loaded with a range of server management facilities monitored by our squad of committed server specialists. Server management consists of setting up and upkeep of customary server plans, security care, standbys, and technical maintenance. The servers are provisioned with MySQL, Apache, mail and DNS Spam monitoring and virus-defense services as per your needs. Every single dedicated server is completely protected, designed, and personalized for your precise business requirements. All servers are provided to you nearly all set. Consistent updates are also implemented on the server to ensure that the servers are continuously running in a protected environment.

IYes! This is possible. The process of upgrading from a VPS hosting to a dedicated server is quite simple and easy. For Completely Managed patrons, we can help in moving the data from your present VPS version to the new dedicated server. Give us a request, and we will manage the rest!

Bandwidth refers to the traffic consumed by the services over a month. Bandwidth controls the volume of data that a dedicated server exchanges over the internet. We employ 95th percentile to calculate the network’s connectivity while during constant and continuous use. This technique is going to save huge money to users who withstand heavy traffics.

So how do the users can choose? The users can go for an unmetered process if they wish to opt for additional bandwidth monthly. Our Unmetered hosting plans, conversely, is not supervised and the users can transfer any amount of data at a particular bandwidth.

Our Bandwidth pooling concept is employed in devices for improving the usage of network assets. It lets the network resources being shared by the physical interface. This is a unique method of improvement that releases the holdings of the switches thus offering enhanced networking experience

Linux based dedicated server solutions are guaranteed of a secured and protected online existence. Linux operating systems offer best permanency, consistency, haven, and performance. Linux is also inexpensive and suits businesses of all sizes. Linux based servers are mostly preferred by e-commerce businesses owing to their scalability and performance.

Business applications primarily use windows dedicated server hosting. Its robustness, safety, and performance are appropriate to offer secured IT infrastructure for the business to run consistently. Our windows based solutions are easy to customize and maintain and can be tailored as per the requirements Our dedicated server hosting is one of the guaranteed solutions than the other hosting services as you get a set of resources for yourself and hence it is necessary to perform a cost-benefit analysis before deciding on the hosting solution. The dedicated solutions we offer are considered as the best feature-rich solution category for exhaustive asset webpages. Businesses like healthcare, government and regulatory mostly opt for dedicated hosting solutions owing to data sensitivity. Its free admin controls, sufficient flexibility, and acceptability are a few pros due to which the businesses rely on these hosting solutions for a fast-track development. If you have any other queries or wish to know more, contact us!

Another side, our dedicated server is situated in USA data center as well as UK data center and these dedicated servers are specifically designed for who needs full root access and complete data security. Hostnetindia offers USA dedicated server with 100% uptime guarantee and complete technical support. Our team always try to provide easy to use and simple technical tools so that our clients can get access and handle them with minimum knowledge. People want to joins us from all over the world because of our quality services so we also designed fastest uk dedicated server solution for users who want to get servers from uk based data center. if you want to get over the hurdles that you are still facing then UK dedicated server is the best choice.

Dedicated servers are great options for users who cannot acquire whole infrastructure and hardware parts, these users try to get the fully advantages in different ways. Our dedicated servers are built to provide maximum performance and reliability. In order to achieve this objective we offers dedicated hardware into two ways - unmanaged and managed. with unmanaged dedicated server, we ensure technically is working properly or not, we work with the customers who are happy with simple solution and always want to technical support to tools health. If clients face any trouble with hardware then it will be our responsibility but other issues will be solved by clients side. With managed dedicated server plan, we handle all the issues which are faced by clients.

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