Hostnetindia’s Dedicated Server Review

Hostnetindia's Dedicated Server Review

A dedicated server is an internet or web hosting in which one person leases an entire server and not shared with another person. Owners have full control over the server, operating system, hardware, etc. it is best for high traffic websites because it can easily load high data at different places. If a hosting service provider wants he/she can convert a dedicated server into a VPS server and also in shared hosting or Reseller hosting. A dedicated server is the best type of web hosting in all. It owned by only one customer and not shared with any other but it managed and operated by web hosting provider. It is the best type of web server to buy for high traffic websites because of its amazing performance and security with add-on features and 24/7 services from hostnetindia.

Advantages of Dedicated Server

There are many advantages of The Dedicated Server that will be really helpful for you :-

High performance

Hostnetindia’s dedicated servers have high performance. From us you can buy dedicated server at cheapest price with best performance because obviously website performance is very important for your business and reputation. We give 100% service level agreement uptime to maintain your presence on internet in best way. Dedicated servers have power to host many domains without affecting other websites.

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Make money

From hostnetindia, customer can get a dedicated server at a very cheap price. So buy a dedicated server from us and save your money and owner can also use extra space to make shared or reseller hosting plans to make extra money and to consume that extra space if he/she wants. The dedicated server can easily operate different websites because of its data storage space. Hostnetindia gives a free domain, free SSL certificate and migration without any extra cost. Dedicated servers also have free applications.


The owner can use different security measures of dedicated servers, such as antivirus, firewalls, UTMs, to secure server data for better functioning from hostnetindia. Also, dedicated servers are located in Datacenters so it can secure servers physical environment and physical security. Physical security measures facilities such as put in place including for ex biometric authentication, security guards and mantraps. In terms of security without any extra applications dedicated servers are the best option.

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Data storage

Dedicated servers have large data storage space because it have hard processor. Data storage is a data in electromagnetic form use by a computer or device. Data storage is of two types SSD hard drive and SATA hard drive. SSD hard drives have 10 x performances than SATA. Owner can divide data storage space in different parts according to his/her need. If owner buy dedicated server from hostnetindia, we give so many services without any extra cost.

Handle Large Traffic

As a business grows, the traffic of the website also grows. As the volume of transactions grows, so does the load on a Web server. A website with high traffic and resource needs will begin to strain a shared hosting server. Soon, all sites sharing the same server will slow down or even freeze when the server’s capacity is exceeded. With a dedicated server, you don’t need to share. You’re free to use 100 percent of the server to handle your traffic and manage your transactions. And also did you know that your hosting space or web server plays a very important role in your websites ranking, SEO and getting traffic.

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