Complete Beginner Guide For Reseller Hosting

Complete Beginner Guide For Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting is a hosting product that provides specific server resources to an administrator who can develop shared hosting accounts to their clients. The web host provides a large chunk of bandwidth and disk space, that can be renamed and remarketed to the clients. It develops packages and can be marketed at any price with profit. It also helps to create an additional income for those who are in existing online business.

It is a boon for small online businesses

Reseller Hosting is mainly used as the most affordable and stable product to provide to their clients. It helps clients with an exclusive infrastructure & technical professional, that helps freelancers or agencies to develop a recurring revenue through hosting, maintenance & turn-key solutions. It is an ideal option for the people who are looking for a new online business.

A lot of web hosting firms provides a reseller hosting service. The account owner of the service charges out a portion of the disk space and bandwidth to their clients. Separate control panels are provided to the end users, in most reseller hosting packages.

How Reseller Hosting Works?

Like Shared, VPS, or Dedicated Hosting plan, Reseller Hosting is also a web hosting service, that allows the customer to have an administrator account to create new individual hosting accounts for their clients. The administrator can reserve specific resources to each account and bill them separately because the reseller account has specific server management software.

Reseller Hosting accounts are developed to resell parts of the server’s resources in a dedicated account. Reseller Shared plan are reselling accounts on a shared server. Reseller VPS plan is reselling accounts on a reserved allocation of a single server. The main idea here is to know what kind of resources the business needs and the client’s business needs.

Expectations in Reseller Hosting

Shopping for Reseller Hosting is much simpler than other products in many ways since the customer is paying for the hosting product resources. Make sure that the plan is perfectly suiting the website and the business since all reseller packages are not equal.

Some impressive features of reseller hosting:

  • Setting up websites for family and friends.
  • Expand the business product offerings
  • Starting a new business.
  • The real expectation of reseller hosting is:
  • Server Resources (memory, bandwidth, processors, etc.)
  • Website, Server, & Billing Software (WHMCS, domain resells, WHM, cPanel and much more)
  • Server Management Support
  • Plan Bonuses (i.e., automated backups, white labeling, etc.)
  • Data Center Location & Security Setup

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Who is benefited more with this Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting is a perfect choice for freelance developers who want to host several client sites or serial startup owners who anticipate launching various new projects, or technical entrepreneurs who want to take on web hosting as their next business project.

Once the selected amount of bandwidth and server resources are purchased from a host, the resources can be relocated to other clients or websites. Server settings and domains are under greater control, and benefits of billing tools are added since the services are resold on running a hosting business mostly.

Key Benefits of Reseller Hosting

Price is the major advantage of reseller hosting. A lot of the plans are comparatively economy, possibly a few dollars a month.

Resellers also get private nameserver as an add-in, which streamlines the management particulars of hosting multiple websites. A name server is a computer that translates domain names into IP addresses and vice versa.

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Benefits in Reseller Hosting

For running reputable client websites at an expected price can be used. The customer will know what kind of websites will be on the account, so they’ll be able to allocate exactly what each site needs with a Reseller Hosting account. Preferably, the reseller will have a strong influence over the websites on the account. They will be able to set the billing and manage the traffic & resource used. A locked-in price for the resources can be paid if the customer knows how many visits are received, and how efficient is the website. For each valued added, the clients can be rebilled.

For example, if an agency has 20 local business clients with only 1000 visits per month each – then the agency could quickly put them on a $40/mo — reseller account with a web hosting company. The agency could charge $100/mo for hosting, light tech support & WordPress updates. That is $960/mo profit for the agency. This scale could change – especially if charged more, have to provide more value, or balance more websites on the account.

Standard Features of Reseller

Most reseller hosts are provided with some standard features.

  • Selling different styles of hosting
  • cPanel or WHM
  • Ability to provide the users with unlimited disc space and bandwidth
  • One-click installer
  • Bundled SSL certificate
  • Unlimited Databases, sub-domains, email-ids.
  • Secures using Email filters
  • Creates Domain Reseller account
  • Allows creating Website panel.

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Take away

Reseller hosting is the best choice for entrepreneurs who are starting their own business. With a webmaster experience, it is an excellent pick for the end user. Enjoy the low costs of reseller web hosting. As Reseller Hosting provides the lowest domain prices in the industry, it will generate maximum revenue from the overall hosting business.

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