How Can I Increase My Blog Traffic?

How Can I Increase My Blog Traffic

Blogging is a wonderful online thing amongst internet users. Various blogs have become brands today. They are well known by millions of people in the world. Because they are getting millions of monthly traffic through different platforms such as Google, Facebook and so on. Many people wondering that how such bloggers became successful?

There is no secret as they think. Hard work, patience, and quality work continuously made them brand. Bloggers are also earning dollars through their world famous platform. Affiliate marketing is the most famous earning source of bloggers. So today we are going to talk on “how can you increase your blog traffic”. This question has asked us several times. Let’s start here.

What blogging is

Basically, blogging is an online thing. It means a website, which is running on a web hosting. Web hosting is a kind of internet space where website data is stored. Even, the domain name is another essential thing. Without hosting and domain, we can’t suppose a complete website. A blog is the combination of theme, hosting and domain name. And blogging is a technical term when you work on it continuously.

There are several types of blogs are having on the internet such as travel, health, money as well as finance and hosting and so on. A blog is a platform where we publish content. Content can be divided into three segments like textual content, image content and video content. Blogging is the most famous for textual content.

How can I create a blog?

There are several online CMSs. CMS means content management system where we create blog for us. The process is very simple. First, you choose a theme. The theme may be paid or free. Most blogger themes are free to available. But you can’t customize them.

So you should prefer paid themes because you can easily customize them using drag and drop options. Basically, CMSs are made for blogging. There are several content management systems such as Word press, Weebly and wix and so on. WordPress is world famous CMS amongst internet users. Most bloggers are using wordpress.

How can you earn traffic?

First ask yourself, if you are a blogger and want to go ahead in the blogging industry.

Why people visit your blog and read your content. If you have answers then go ahead.

Writing skills is very compulsory to create a blog traffic and search engine optimization is another thing. If you have writing skills then you are the most suitable person to start a blog. Then, you decide a specific niche. Niche means a category means to travel, health and so on. Write a compelling article. Write every day. A good article covers several aspects like headlines, keywords, article title, and article length and so on. All these things are very necessary to rank an article in Google organic result.

Traffic means people reading your contents every day, waiting for your quality content, commenting on your article and also sharing your content on their social media platforms. This is the best way to getting traffic to your blog. Another side, you must have appropriate knowledge about keyword research, Google algorithm as well as backlink creation. All these things are necessary to run a blog.

After doing these all things, you create profile or page on the most famous social media platform like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram and so on. You share your article on a daily basis. Blogging is a slow process and you cannot achieve success in one night.

It takes a lot of time. Yes, many bloggers earn traffic through various paid platforms. You can choose Google adwords, Facebook ads, Twitter ads and Instagram ads and so on.

I hope you have learned lots of things from this article. We will touch more points about blogging in our next article.


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