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5 Important Tips to Develop a Powerful PR Strategy
Gopal at Tue Feb 2018 15:53:03

As a SEO professional, you may be surprised to know that most of what we do for search engine optimization is actually press reporting or PR. In fact, many of you have never thought that way. However, better it is for us to get out of our preconceived concept about PR. Sooner we throw away the old, rotten idea and adapt to a new one, better it will be for us to gain most from its application and best practices.

However, it is unfortunate that despite evolution in technology and channel of communication, there is lack of acceptance on our part. We must understand though a massive change has already taken place in the way we now communicate with people, it ultimately gets down to a basic – a person is talking with another one. The PR experts know it better how to work with people. Social media is basically a communication channel that can be utilized by PR professionals, lead generators, customer-service spokespersons – in a word, SEO professionals.

PR Strategy – Basic Concept

Public relation too is not a scie...

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Ajay at Tue Feb 2018 14:05:40

Dedicated server is like a computer. Dedicated server give you dedicated resources for your online requirements here you own all the resources of this dedicated server. You'll not have to share it's resources like bandwidth, speed, performance and uptime with anyone. When your server has good CPU speed with required resources client gets good performance which takes it to higher level..

When we come to the point of payment; how much it requires for dedicated server? obviously it's charges are more than regular hosting package or virtual private server but it actually will pay you back for each rupee which you pay. When we analyse the plus and minus points of buying dedicated server we'll see a number of benefits why do i choose dedicated server but i closely depends on your website resources requirement and your expectations about it. Here we'll discuss about the different kind of dedicated servers which are availabe in ...

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Why Secure Web Development Is Required
Gopal at Tue Feb 2018 15:45:02

Why secure web development is required?

Secure Web Development is another major aspect to prevent data breach on the net. During website development, several data security measures should be taken into account.Therefore hostnetindia is assisting small businesses with shared hosting and reseller hosting.

Often malicious softwares are programmed to attack the websites/web servers to gain unauthorized accesses to the password, credit card details or email ids. Few malicious practices account for about major portion of vulnerabilities on the web. Hostnetindia has also launched Windows SSD Cloud which are secured, Reliable, Cheaper and faster.

Hence it is advisable to invest in security of the Web development.. Hostnetindia. comes to your rescue to manage all your insecurities with its hi-end deliverables.


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How To Secure Your Site With HTTPS
Ajay at Wed Feb 2018 13:05:59

How To Secure Your Site With HTTPS

What is Internet Security: Protecting In-Transit Information

It's very crucial to protect your sensitive information when using the web. We hear the news Every day, about stealing of private information like credit cards credentials, internet bank logins, email passwords, and social networks travel over the web—so obviously we think how to secure these information. That’s why internet security measures like encryption are becoming mandatory.

At the other hand client-side security solutions like regular operation system updates, firewalls and antivirus software are widely used; the important thing here is server side security. This is because accessing the Internet involves connections between several computers, not just your own. This means that your data, like passwords, credit card credentials, and post to social networks, are “traveling” over a network until they reach...

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Hostnetindia Managed Dedicated Server
Ajay at Tue Feb 2018 15:39:41

Features of Hostnetindia Managed Dedicated Server

Managed dedicated server includes the basic OS management, Database installation, Network uptime and hardware management. Hostnetindia provides every VPS, Windows SSD Cloud and Dedicated servers with free managed services. Hostnetindia provides free ticket support, server monitoring, IP whitelisting, Free dedicated IP, Control panel installation and management, Smarter mail and web mail installation and management, MS SQL and MY SQL database installation and basic management.

Benefits of Hostnetindia Managed Dedicated servers

Cost cutting: with hostnetindia's managed dedicated server client don't need to pay additional amount for managed server.

Don't need much technical expertise: When client purchases our services he does neet to be exper at managing server because we he...

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