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At Hostnetindia, we ensure that everything is simple and easy. That is how our UK Dedicated server solutions have been designed. We offer regularly rationalized list of ready to go UK based dedicated servers which can be accessed anytime from anywhere. The process of buying UK based dedicated server space is as simple as it looks. Once you decide and click on buy now option you will get the following list of options to choose for customization.

We Offer Cost Effective Solution

    • NAME
    • CORE
    • RAM
    • OS
    • /MONTH
    • Intel Xeon E3-1220
    • v5 3.0GHz
    • 2
    • 2 x 500GB 7.2K SATA
    • 10 TB Monthly
    • Fully Managed Panel
    • Windows/ Linux OS
    • 7999
    • Order Now
    • Intel Xeon E3-1230
    • v5 3.4GHz
    • 2
    • 2 x 1TB 7.2K SATA
    • 10 TB Monthly
    • Fully Managed Panel
    • Windows/ Linux OS
    • 9999
    • Order Now
    • Intel Xeon E3-1270
    • v5 3.6GHz
    • 2
    • 2 x 2TB 7.2K SATA
    • 10 TB Monthly
    • Fully Managed Panel
    • Windows/ Linux OS
    • 11999
    • Order Now

Our Dedicated Server Contains These Features

Enterprise Version

Choice of the Enterprise Version of Anti-virus

Plesk or cPanel

Control Panel options - Plesk or cPanel

Windows or Linux OS

Operating System(wither Windows or Linux OS)

Port Speed up to 1GBit

Port Speed up to 100MBit or 1GBit

Storage, RAM, HDD options

Storage, RAM, HDD options

Fully-Managed, Unmanaged

Server Management Options (Fully-Managed, Unmanaged)

Got a Question? We've the Answer!

These are set of pre-built and ready to be deployed dedicated servers. You have chosen the required operating system and install to process the order. You can pick a pre-built dedicated server and get them installed by our instantaneous provisioning team. The users will have to select the required RAID configurations, control panel software, and operating system from the available list to proceed on.

Hostnetindia provides greater flexibility to choose dedicated server stipulations for better RAM and extra disk storage options from the range of options to suit your independent business and application requirements. Our exceptional customizable dedicated server range is aimed to support resource-demanding production ecosystem, and maintain high service availability. All of the HDD, RAM, and other compute resources can be easily swapped or upgraded without any downtime. You can pick one or two processors, the RAM size, the RAID category, and storage requirements as per business requirements.

This is a cutting-edge range of dedicated server designed to suit an enterprise needs. The set-up is as simple as it is and can be done in a matter of minutes. Enterprise range of UK dedicated servers is the most exceptional range that can offer the best performance. The server’s bandwidth and the network are unlimited and can be expanded as your business and needs grow. Each service comes with a storage space of a minimum of 500GB, which is scalable.

Hostnetindia owns high-tech data centers in the UK that are built to provide reliable, competent solutions to businesses. We also ensure to offer an almost limitless amount of power supply. We at Hostnetindia ensure that all of our servers are maintained and continuously monitored round the clock. All of our UK Dedicated Servers go through a security assessment before they are installed to guarantee they are confident and ready for production. With various type 1 hardware suppliers, twofold power supply facilities, best-in-class server technologies and support for fiber optic cables and copper gigabit networks, our dedicated server architecture is held in one of the most protected and robust data centers in the UK.

Hostnetindia’s UK dedicated servers are loaded with latest Intel processors featuring the most conventional CPU models that come with influential processing technology, and cutting-edge functionality. All of our highly original hardware provides the best performance and consistency for all your client applications. All of the devices are monitored and inspected, which can fix any issue automatically without any manual intervention. This flexibility and security let us offer better availability and uptime on all of our dedicated servers.
Using our up-to-date server hardware, completely redundant set-up, we ensure to support your business needs effortlessly.

Hostnetindia provides a bunch of managed dedicated server services which includes OS patch updates, security reinforcement, monitoring and management round the clock. From the list of options available, you can choose the required type of managed services you need and proceed on. Hostnetindia provides you the flexibility to pick up the set of services you need. The standard service includes 15min first response SLA, along with 24*7 telephonic supports. Discretionary Monitoring services are available at extra cost, which can be upgraded at any point in time.

Hostnetindia has an assortment of UK dedicated server services which can take your business to the next level. Our team of experts will deploy and configure Anti-Virus for your server ecosystem and dynamically monitor your server and systems to ensure all of your data is entirely safe and secure. Domain Names and free SSL certificate are also a part of our services, which comes at free of charges, to make sure that we address all of your basic needs.

Hostnetindia provides an array of enterprise level backup and data-recovery facilities, which also includes disaster recovery options. We can recover and safeguard it, hoard it, reclaim it and defend it. The users are expected to pick a UK dedicated server, and we ensure that all the required resources are allotted to you, for all-out performance. Our servers are aimed, built, and upheld by our expert teams to provide augmented configurations for your applications.
Hostnetindia emphasizes on answering all of your infrastructures and hosting needs with the most all-inclusive UK based dedicated servers and service log. From private dedicated servers to multifaceted infrastructure services, we are one among the best UK dedicated hosting service provider with fully managed datacenters. We assure you to offer the best solution at the least cost range. Our dedicated infrastructure can suit any of your needs. Talk to us or schedule some time to check in with us, and give us a chance to demonstrate our capability to you. We are 24x7 available!

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Hostnetindia support team has always gone beyond for us in terms of solve the problems and server maintains. Thanks for it.

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I appreciate the quality of their support they put to increase our business growth. I am always delighted by their services.

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UK based server is a set of high quality features and tools that are highly flexible and I have got freedom to make necessary changes.

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I was very difficult to get 100% uptime with my previous service provider. To get high uptime I bought hostnetindia server.

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I was sick of server’s speed when my site was being run over another server and after reading a positive review I came to hostnetindia to get uk server.

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I did not use of server I was confused before buying server but hostnetindia support team is really helpful to resolve the entire errors server face.

Pawan Vashist

Founder, Staunchsolutions

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