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Economies of Scale

Colocation allows customers to benefit from economies of scale that would not be available to them with an in-house option. Housing hardware in a colocation center gives access to higher levels of bandwidth at a low cost.

Low Network Latency

Network latency can be far lower with colocation, whilst reliability can be significantly higher. There is greater protection from power outages and 24/7 staff on hand should problems arise.

Physical Security

Customers may also choose colocation services due to higher levels of physical security available in comparison with in-house hosting. For example, there are options such as CCTV monitoring and lockable (or ‘closed’) cabinets


Choosing a bespoke build allows customers to personalise their colocation plan and decide which aspects of their system they want to focus on, choosing from a range of facilities for individual infrastructures and budgets.

Data Centre Infrastructure

Colocation allows users to take advantage of data centre infrastructure while maintaining control over the upkeep, maintenance and configuration of their servers, freeing up office space and improving cost effectiveness.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

By placing servers in a data center Rather than in an on-premises common room, customers build in an extra layer of disaster recovery in the event of power loss, enabling them to recover business critical data.

Shared Rack Service

Shared rack colocation is tailored specifically to meet the needs of growing businesses seeking a highly stable environment for mission critical infrastructure with an affordable price tag. Shared rack space is available in quantities between 1U to 10U. This solution is ideal for organizations that only require less than a half or full rack of space.

Attributes Basic Value Advanced Super Pack
Product Code 1 U Colo 5 U Colo 10 U Colo Full Rack
- - - - -

Data Center Location

Jaipur/Nashik/Delhi/Mumbai Jaipur/Nashik/Delhi/Mumbai Jaipur/Nashik/Delhi/Mumbai Jaipur/Nashik/Delhi/Mumbai
No. of Rack Servers Allowed 1 2 5 Full Rack


Allowed Bandwidth

50 GB 300 GB 1100 GB 2500 GB
No of IP's 1 2 2 5
High Performance Switched
Port Speed 100 MBPS 100 MBPS 100 MBPS 100 MBPS
Multiple IP Addresses
MRTG Stats Page
Free Reboots


Rated Power

- - - -
Power Supply
Uptime Guarantee 99.95% 99.95% 99.95% 99.95%


Full 24/365 Battery Backup

Full 24/365 UPS Backup


Free Remote Hands

24x7 Support
24x7 Live Chat 
Phone Support
Email Support
Setup One Time Per U Server One Time Per U Server One Time Per U Server One Time Per U Server
24x7 Server Monitoring
24x7 Port Monitoring

Other Features

Climate Controlled Environment

24x365 Day Full Access
Easy Upgradation Options
Monthly Cost Rs, 5,500 Rs. 10,999 RS. 19,999 Rs. 49,999
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Kindly Note :
1. Mbps Unmetered Full Duplex Dedicated Redundant Bandwidth.
2. 1U Server Set Up Charges Rs.2500/- One time
3. Quarterly / Semi Annually & Annually Payment Terms
4. Tax Extra

With our shared racks, your equipment is placed in a rack that is shared with other clients who also only require a small amount of space. Our clients still have full access to their machines, however, this access is support-staff accompanied to ensure the security of other clients’ equipment in the rack. Customers may access their equipment in shared rack space 24/7 for no additional fee. However, in order to enter or leave the data center, shared rack space clients must be accompanied by a technician at all times. The rack remains locked at all times when customers are not on site working on servers and Tier IV holds the key. One power outlet is provided for each 1U of rack space purchased. This service includes rack space, a free amount power, network and remote assistance. Additional power may be purchased if your growing business requires it. This includes bandwidth, redundant power, redundant uplink ports, remote hands, backup services, and consulting services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1What's web hosting?

Web Hosting is a kind of internet space where your website or blog data and files are stored for a certain time. Hosting service is keep your data on web server which are very powerful computers located on a fix location. Web hosting technology is provided by various hosting service providers. Hosting technology is the foundation of any online successful business. Quality web hosting offers you numerous advantages in form of performance, security, flexibility along with support features.

2 What’s Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting is the most cheapest hosting form for small business. It offers you to share your multiple websites on a single physical server. Web hosting company uses a single physical server to host several small websites. If you want to start a blog or website then shared server is the most suitable option for you to run your website online. Shared hosting has limited resources.

3What’s Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated hosting is the large form of hosting option in which giant business rent whole server to store single client data base. These dedicated servers are located in a data centers. This server offers you highly powerful features, reliability and flexibility to handle your large traffic and files.

4 What’s VPS Hosting?

Virtual private server is the finest option of Shared hosting. VPS is virtualization software which works for a specific account. It offers you more secure and stable service than shared. This type of hosting is appropriate for medium level business.

5 What’s reseller hosting?

If you have some clients that need an internet space to host their website then you must purchase small internet space and rename and reseller it to your clients, called reseller hosting. This way you can start your online business in nutshell time. You get complete control over the reseller server through WHM. You can also change your hosting name, change your plans and prices resell it on your terms.

6 What’s managed hosting?

This hosting is a part of dedicated server and it resources are controlled and managed by your service provider.

7 What's DNS Server?

Domain Name Servers (DNS) are the Internet's equal of a phone book. They manage a directory list of domain names and interpret them to IP addresses.

8 What's Colocation Hosting?

In this hosting, you have to buy hardware resources but rent a server form data center. This type of hosting is much more similar to dedicated server.

9 What is Web Hosting Bandwidth?

Bandwidth means how much data move between websites, internet and users. Hosting company offers you maximum level bandwidth to run your website. It depends on different plans.

10What is SSL certificate?

Secure server layer provides encrypted communication between browser and website. If you are using payment website and online forum then you should use it to secure money transfer.

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