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Choose Reseller Hosting

  • Starter

  • 399 /month

  • Starter Plan
  • 5 GB Web Space
  • Host 5 Domain
  • 15 Email IDs
  • 5 MS SQL 2008 DB
  • 5 MY SQL 5 DB
  • Windows 2008/ Cent OS
  • Basic

  • 499 /month

  • Basic Plan
  • 10 GB Web Space
  • Host 15 Domain
  • 30 Email IDs
  • 10 MS SQL 2008 DB
  • 10 MY SQL 5 DB
  • Windows 2008/ Cent OS
  • Standard

  • 599 /month

  • Standard Plan
  • 20 GB Web Space
  • Host 30 Domain
  • 90 Email IDs
  • 30 MS SQL 2008 DB
  • 30 MY SQL 5 DB
  • Windows 2008/ Cent OS
  • Platinum

  • 699 /month

  • Professional plan
  • 30 GB Web Space
  • Host 45 Domain
  • 100 Email IDs
  • 40 MS SQL 2008 DB
  • 40 MY SQL 5 DB
  • Windows 2008/ Cent OS

Features of Hostnetindia Reseller Hosting

  •  Unlimited Databases

    Hostnetindia provides unlimited database when you buy a Reseller Hosting plan with us. In this plan you'll be able to create unlimited MS SQL database and unlimited My SQL databases which gives you space to resell our services to custmores with the freedom of creating unlimited databases for your multiple clients.

  •  Unlimited Subdomains

    Unlimited Subdomains will get you a large number of subdomains within a single registered domain name. For ex, if you have registered, then you can have, and so on.

  •  Unlimited Email IDs

    Create as many email Ids as you need. This allows you the flexibility of providing your clients with their desired professional email Ids. Further, you can access your email through POP (which is the most common method used by Outlook.

  •  Email Filter

    Hostnetindia uses grey listing in Linux and our own application in windows for email filteration By doing this we make our client protected from received unwanted spam and Junk emails. We also keep doing the required things to make our shared servers' IP's whitelisted to deliver genuine emails from our server smoothly.

  •  Domain Reseller Account

    As our Reseller Hosting customer, you will get a Free Host Net India Domain Name Reseller Account that provides you with the lowest domain prices in the industry (guaranteed!) so that you can generate maximum revenue from your overall hosting business.

  •  Website Panel

    WebsitePanel is a control panel for reseller hosting that allows users to manage their various hosted services in a single place.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1What's web hosting?

Web Hosting is a kind of internet space where your website or blog data and files are stored for a certain time. Hosting service is keep your data on web server which are very powerful computers located on a fix location. Web hosting technology is provided by various hosting service providers. Hosting technology is the foundation of any online successful business. Quality web hosting offers you numerous advantages in form of performance, security, flexibility along with support features.

2 What’s Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting is the most cheapest hosting form for small business. It offers you to share your multiple websites on a single physical server. Web hosting company uses a single physical server to host several small websites. If you want to start a blog or website then shared server is the most suitable option for you to run your website online. Shared hosting has limited resources.

3What’s Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated hosting is the large form of hosting option in which giant business rent whole server to store single client data base. These dedicated servers are located in a data centers. This server offers you highly powerful features, reliability and flexibility to handle your large traffic and files.

4 What’s VPS Hosting?

Virtual private server is the finest option of Shared hosting. VPS is virtualization software which works for a specific account. It offers you more secure and stable service than shared. This type of hosting is appropriate for medium level business.

5 What’s reseller hosting?

If you have some clients that need an internet space to host their website then you must purchase small internet space and rename and reseller it to your clients, called reseller hosting. This way you can start your online business in nutshell time. You get complete control over the reseller server through WHM. You can also change your hosting name, change your plans and prices resell it on your terms.

6 What’s managed hosting?

This hosting is a part of dedicated server and it resources are controlled and managed by your service provider.

7 What's DNS Server?

Domain Name Servers (DNS) are the Internet's equal of a phone book. They manage a directory list of domain names and interpret them to IP addresses.

8 What's Colocation Hosting?

In this hosting, you have to buy hardware resources but rent a server form data center. This type of hosting is much more similar to dedicated server.

9 What is Web Hosting Bandwidth?

Bandwidth means how much data move between websites, internet and users. Hosting company offers you maximum level bandwidth to run your website. It depends on different plans.

10What is SSL certificate?

Secure server layer provides encrypted communication between browser and website. If you are using payment website and online forum then you should use it to secure money transfer.

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