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Understand Managed VPS Hosting

Managed VPS hosting solutions are built out of the cutting-edge technology which is user-friendly and straightforward to get engaged with. Managed VPS best suits the user’s with every technical and non-technical need. Since a team of tech Savvy takes the complete administration of the server care’s the end-users need not worry about managing their VPS network. If you are searching for managed VPS with root access or managed VPS WordPress hosting solutions, be it any requirement, our packages can suit the need. Your primary job is to manage your business online and make it thriving while we take off the complete system, including any upgrades or installation.

    • NAME
    • RAM
    • OS
    • /MONTH
    • Stater
    • 500 GB
    • Managed Services
    • 1 GB
    • 40 GB SSD
    • Windows Std. / Cent OS
    • 999
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    • Basic
    • 500 GB
    • Managed Services
    • 2 GB
    • 80 GB SSD
    • Windows Std. / Cent OS
    • 1999
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    • Standard
    • 1000 GB
    • Managed Services
    • 4 GB
    • 120 GB SSD
    • Windows Std. / Cent OS
    • 2999
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    • NAME
    • RAM
    • OS
    • /MONTH
    • Enterprise
    • 1000 GB
    • Managed Services
    • 6 GB
    • 150 GB SSD
    • Windows Std. / Cent OS
    • 3999
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    • Premium
    • 1200 GB
    • Managed Services
    • 8 GB
    • 180 GB SSD
    • Windows Std. / Cent OS
    • 4499
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    • Gold
    • 1500 GB
    • Managed Services
    • 12 GB
    • 220 GB SSD
    • Windows Std. / Cent OS
    • 4999
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You Want to Get These


Primarily, they come at a meager price with optimized and controlled performance environment. Also, the total time being spent over server maintenance is considerably less in Manage VPS hosting as the service provider takes care of the most, thus increasing your potential revenue.

Easy to set-up

As an end-user, you might have to choose the package that is needed for you, while to complete set-up and installation is managed by the technical team in just a couple of hours.


As the server is continuously monitored and maintained by experts, the network tends to be the most secure one and also remains up-to-date. The network security standards are entirely followed and implemented to keep the system secured and free from any vulnerability.

Technical Expertise

No specific technical knowledge is needed to maintain a managed server. If at all any professional requirement arises, the users can contact the technical team to get the needs addressed.

10* Faster

We know you want to speed up your website. We want to inform you that our managed vps hosting has this extraordinary feature to boost up your website. no doubt when you will run your commercial website then you can find it that website speed has been increased.

Unlimited Email Accounts

Email account that’s the one more thing you want to acquire our vps solution. You can create unlimited email accounts by using our vps hosting solution and you don't need to pay extra prices to get this features.

Got a Question? We've the Answer!

We offer a customized Control Panel of your choice, which can be picked during the purchase. Our control panel is one of the Influential, Manageable, and Custom-built Interface that helps you control the server effortlessly. The users can easily monitor and manage the VPS server using our cPanel/WHM to execute everyday tasks. A bundle of added features is offered to make the job easy and straightforward for you. The managed VPS hosting with cPanel of us is the best choice and most recommended option for you.

Imagine a website slowing down during peak times, and the visitor gets frustrated because of this? No such problem will arise with our solution bundle as we ensure to offer unlimited bandwidth, thus managing the traffic flow effectively. But you will have to specify your bandwidth needs to us accurately so that we can suggest you the best. To avoid the users getting clogged with bandwidth related issues, we make sure that the bandwidth we provide in the levels of hosting packages is at the maximum level. It is entirely ok for us if you cross your bandwidth limits. We can certainly help you manage it.

The users are provided with the most recent version of cPanel to manage the server, so the users can create as many databases as required by them. The unlimited MySQL databases hosting plans of us make it effortless to set-up the databases and easily maintain them as well.

Data security is our top priority. So we ensure that all of the information that is being transferred in and out of our network is completely secured. To make this easier for our clients, we offer free SSL and TLS certificates. These certificates help you maintain a healthy traffic flow towards your website while keeping away the threat of data theft or breach.

Our data centers are up and running always. With our demanding standards for continuous power supply, network connectivity, stable bandwidth, high-end hardware resources, we guarantee you a 100% uptime. The users will not have to worry about downtime and entirely focus on running their business successfully. Servers are enhanced to minimalize idle time during improvements and execute at high speed.

We believe in customer first approach. So with the help of qualified team in-house, we work more resourcefully and furnish every need of our clients, letting them to concentrate on their other priorities, which help them boost their business revenue. We ensure to take care of the servers by maintaining them day-in and day-out, thus relieving our customer pains.

The requirements of your business can change anytime. It is ok for us if you need more storage space or bandwidth. You can let us know your upgrade needs, and we can do it on the go. We can guarantee that there will be no lags, no downtimes, and no misplaced files due to an upgrade. It is going to be a worry-free upgrade for you by following the simple steps. We also keep you up-to-date about the enhancements that are made by sending you relevant communications.

The users must be aware of what is happening with their system from time to time. We also provide specific audit services to know the performance of your server’s infrastructure. The audit service will give the overall current state of your infrastructure.

As a hosting solution provider, we ensure that we will monitor and manage hardware resources, end to end. The customer is granted with administrative privileges via control panel and can perform any relevant tasks effortlessly. We also make sure that we address all of your queries promptly while managing the assets accordingly and keep the environment secured, up-to-date, and robust. We ensure to offer Scalable Cheap VPS Hosting solutions which can be designed as per your unique needs. So contact us now for any queries or information you would like to know. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any of your VPS related questions. We are reachable from anywhere, anytime just through a phone call.

We Make Strong Relationship

Reliable Services

Hostnetindia team has been providing best scalable and reliable services to my business. Their managed VPS hosting provides best features that are easy to use.

Rohit K

Director, logos consultancy

Pay-As-You-Go Feature

This web hosting firm is different because their team provides pay as you go features on managed VPS hosting. I am using cheapest VPS. Thanks.

Santosh Gupta

IT Manager, Artisan Desired Solutions Pvt Ltd

Operating Systems

Hostnetindia offers kind of operating system options to operate the database. We recommend CentOS, its worth.

Shatrughna Kumar

Director, IT Infra Solutions

24/7 Technical Support

Hostnetindia is popular at support service. Their team is quick responsive whenever my website face any issue either I contact them by phone or chat.


Director, Irise Up Entrepreneurs Pvt Ltd

Free SSL & Domain

I am getting the awesome advantage of free domain and SSL certificates on my VPS plan. Other firms are not offering these products free.

Mai chand

Director, My Golden India Healthy Pvt Ltd

Quick Response

I never waited too long whenever my site got troubled. Their team always provides solution in a while and I am really happy with hostnetindia.

Rakesh Kapoor

Director, Secure Phone Solutions

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