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Choose Cpanel Cloud


  • Ram : 15 GB DDR3
  • 3 vCPU
  • 1 Dedicated IP
  • 112 GB SSD Disk
  • Cpanel: WHM
  • Bandwidth: 1500 GB
  • OS: Linux Cent OS
  • Managed Services


  • Ram : 30 GB DDR3
  • 5 vCPU
  • 1 Dedicated IP
  • 225 GB SSD Disk
  • Cpanel: WHM
  • Bandwidth: 3000 GB
  • OS: Linux Cent OS
  • Managed Services


  • Ram : 40 GB DDR3
  • 7 vCPU
  • 1 Dedicated IP
  • 300 GB SSD Disk
  • Cpanel: WHM
  • Bandwidth: 5000 GB
  • OS: Linux Cent OS
  • Managed Services


  • Ram : 60 GB DDR3
  • 9 vCPU
  • 1 Dedicated IP
  • 1800 GB SSD Disk
  • Cpanel: WHM
  • Bandwidth: 7000 GB
  • OS: Linux Cent OS
  • Managed Services



Our CPanel Cloud for Applications

Our CPanel is essentially a control panel intended to create it simpler to manage your Linux server. Many market control panels are usually designed to satisfy particular requirements. Hostnetindia’s CPanel cloud hosting is designed for blog and email services so that various applications can be managed on a single server.

CPanel for data Security

CPanel protects your safety tools such as cPHulk brute force security are intended to track your facilities for hackers creating brute force assaults and prevent their IP numbers automatically from linking to the database after several unsuccessful link efforts.
There's also the Security Advisor alternative that operates a safety check on your server and generates a roster of identified issues along with suggestions on how to solve the problems.

CPanel Cloud for Business

The CPanel cloud hosting provides a restricted cPanel variant called cPanel DNS only. The limited option enables you to operate a secondary identity system on another server that connects and duplicates the DNS setup from your primary cPanel computer.
  • Your CPanel server can then act as your DNS server, eliminating the need to obtain a secondary license with more than one name server.
  • If you're fresh to internet servers or moving from mutual storage, when you start running your computer, CPanel can create lives much simpler for you.
  • CPanel can assist create many activities much more straightforward for those who already have some knowledge operating a server.

Why is CPanel considered as the last panel for hosting?

Besides, adding modules available in the cPanel cloud storage board is simple for a rental business or autonomous cPanel client. While the apps are not widely reviewed or licensed by cPanel and involve pre-deployment monitoring, functionalities can be extended to meet web service customers and other customers' wants. Examples include the CakeMail email marketing program and the Siter VoIP implementation (speech over Internet protocol).
  • However, cloud hosting offers a real control advantage: once you become accustomed to the GUI (graphical user interface), you won't need to know a fresh scheme if you move to another web hosting business.
  • Transferring your site to another cloud provider or any hosting service may be stressful, but if you switch from one C Panel to another environment, getting the website up and running will be familiar, and managing the new host will be virtually the same.
  • Any of these installer script programs enables you to deploy over one hundred open source applications automatically.
  • Knowing that you have an auto-installer at your disposal when required is sensible. However, be cautious when upgrading to a new phone variant with these installers.
  • If you are not correctly followed up, you can trigger mistakes on your location and loose data.

Reliable CPanel Cloud

Whether you use a storage company and have connections to help or not, it's nice to understand that you can get responses to many issues rapidly on your own. Linux is commonly used as outlined above, and Cpanel is widespread.
For the same purpose, when contemplating a content management system (CMS) or MS Word when choosing a word processor, cPanel is the popular choice for a blog or server control panel, WordPress is the most sensible location to switch initially. It is common not only among people but among professionals: as mentioned above, the system is used by 3 out of every five leading internet operators.
  • Many individuals from shared hosting who come to a VPS may be acquainted with using cPanel without even knowing it.
  • Users can also display their service-related records.
  • The second portion of cPanel is WHM (Web Host Manager), the device administrator's equally web-based command board. Other customers, software updates, cPanel add-ons, database assets, and CPanel rebrand can be managed from here by system administrators to suit your logo.

Features of CPanel Cloud Hosting

Whether you are using a cloud computer or any database, managing a database should not sound extremely technical. CPanel provides a wide range of features and user-friendly, interactive design. You can handle email through a core gateway, arrange and monitor databases, access public-facing back-end parts, verify analytical customer statistics, and execute a variety of tech-savvy-oriented duties with particular leadership demands.
CPanel is the 'inexpensive and friendly' choice for small company blogs, and people-it's an enterprise norm and goes directly out of the package with a user-friendly design that enables you to readily handle your page, FTP, telephone, area documents and more.

Benefits of CPanel

Apart from the cost, cPanel's primary advantage is that it enables you to store several domain names from the one control panel-these are called domain names Parked or Add-on.
It is also a more customizable scheme and usually arrives with a broader spectrum of compliant installation apps. Although most cPanel schemes are still very safe, if a server fails, it will automatically drop all of its C Panel-hosted pages.

What Special in Our cPanel Cloud Solution

Hostnetindia is a suitable place where you can acquire cPanel cloud. We clearly know the client’s requirements and our technical team always works for their business improvement. Specifically, entrepreneurs can obtain our cPanel cloud with different plans and features. We offer cPanel cloud into four formats but our third one plan is most popular and business owners always prefer it. This plan contains 40 GB RAM, 300 GB Hard Disk and 5000 GB bandwidth along with 1 dedicated IP, WHM cPanel and Linux cent OS. Managed service is also the core advantage of this cPanel cloud hosting plan.
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