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Choose Cpanel Cloud


  • Ram : 15 GB DDR3
  • 3 vCPU
  • 1 Dedicated IP
  • 112 GB SSD Disk
  • Cpanel: WHM
  • Bandwidth: 1500 GB
  • OS: Linux Cent OS
  • Managed Services


  • Ram : 30 GB DDR3
  • 5 vCPU
  • 1 Dedicated IP
  • 225 GB SSD Disk
  • Cpanel: WHM
  • Bandwidth: 3000 GB
  • OS: Linux Cent OS
  • Managed Services


  • Ram : 40 GB DDR3
  • 7 vCPU
  • 1 Dedicated IP
  • 300 GB SSD Disk
  • Cpanel: WHM
  • Bandwidth: 5000 GB
  • OS: Linux Cent OS
  • Managed Services


  • Ram : 60 GB DDR3
  • 9 vCPU
  • 1 Dedicated IP
  • 1800 GB SSD Disk
  • Cpanel: WHM
  • Bandwidth: 7000 GB
  • OS: Linux Cent OS
  • Managed Services



What is c-Panel Cloud

c-Panel is a powerful control panel with rich features and functionalities to manage your domains hosted on server. CloudLinux was released in 2010 into the market but now it has become a popular brand and must have for some platforms. It gives stability, security, and speed to web hosts. Web hosts who use c-Panel cloud get significant improvements in density, Better Network, Decrease in Downtime and technical issues, Better performance and ease to manage. Basically c-Panel cloud can be described in simple way as below:
c-Panel Cloud = Linux Cloud + C-Panel

Features of hostnetindia cloud

  •  Good community Help :

    C-Panel Community forum is the one of the popular platforms where a lot of users stay there and exchange the professional words there. Users also share the issues there and they also get the genuine solutions from authenticate professionals so ultimately you get the good and quicker help from community.

  •  Good Backup routine :

    When you will have c-Panel cloud you will have the access to set the backup schedule as per your need. It can be scheduled Hourly, in 24 hours, or weekly whatever suits you. Which stops to over worry about data security because you will always the copy of your precious information and you can restore it whenever you want it.

  •  Options to choose PHP versions :

    When you choose Linux cloud along with c-Panel softwares which allows your clients to choose the version of PHP which they need. This includes latest version of PHP 5.6, 7.0 and 7.1. So it makes you feel relaxed and gives a stop on overthinking whether your application will support particular version or not.

  •  Unlimited websites :

    c-Panel cloud allows you to host unlimited websites ultimately it gives you room to increase your revenue by selling more without investing any additional money. It will also stop you from purchasing any third party panel.

  •  Easy to migrate :

    cPanel has the feature to migrate your server data easily from c-Panel to c-Panel within less time. It saves your precious time which takes in windows in manual migration of each account. It also assures for complete data migration.

  •  Advanced Security :

    Linux Cloud uses unique CageFS technology which prevents users to see information of other clients in panel. It also secures the server from a large number of attacks, including most privilege escalation and information disclosure attacks.

  •  Root Access of c-Panel :

    With root access within c-Panel Linux cloud gives you and your clients the visibility and accessibility to see and control the exact resource usage of each website where you can create the plans, can increase and decrease the resources even they can be suspended and terminated from there.

  •  NO additional cost for c-Panel :

    When you choose to go with our c-Panel cloud you won’t have to pay extra for c-Panel. Our c-Panel cloud has the inbuilt c-Panel software which will save your money. Therefore it makes you efficient to manage your services with effectiveness, easiness and error less.

  •  Good Technical Support :

    We will provide you technical support to your cloud or panel. But you can also get the support directly from c-Panel if any issue occurs within c-Panel. Support ticket can be raised directly to them. By the way we are always here to help you beyond the box to make your services working smoothly.

  •  Ease to Operate and Manage :

    When you have C-panel along with the Linux Cloud you have the easier ways to create, host, suspend or terminate the accounts. It gives you easy way to manage email accounts, website packages and clients. It makes you feel relaxed about management of Panel.

  •  More efficient Server :

    c-Panel cloud has the feature to monitor and audit the utilization of Cloud and dedicated servers which give an expertise hand to utilize the complete resources of servers. Ultimately it prevents your services from becoming idle and gives a way make your server more efficient.

  •  More Stability :

    When you have shared hosting the most crucial reason having downtime is a single account making other accounts performance down on the server. When you use a separate linux cloud with C-Panel your all the resources will be used only by you and it will give you more stability.

  •  Unlimited email accounts :

    Corporate email account is the need of time which are required by every corporate. Email accounts are very important for communication among multiple organizations. When you get the feature to create unlimited email accounts it will help you to fulfil your clients requirement by allowing them to create multiple email accounts as per their need.

  •  Good documentation :

    If you don’t know how to create domain or host the site you will get the good documentation to perform these or other tasks. You will get the documentations almost for every kind of query. If you are facing any technical issue related to c-Panel you will get some concrete suggestion if you read the documentation properly.

  •  Easy to Manage Website Traffic :

    CPanel custom dashboard aid you to operate, analyses your website performance. This dashboard contains actionable features along with easy to use interface. User can eye and correct the each step of a website and even you can block a particular number of IPs which seem to you as carrying a sort of unwanted or unidentified traffic.

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