Why Linux Cloud Hosting is Better Than Shared Hosting

Why Linux Cloud Hosting is Better Than Shared Hosting

Linux Cloud is a web hosting service served by many hosting providers. It allows you to access your data and use the resources of multiple servers hosted in multiple reliable networks. The website is hosts on different servers at a different location. Relax I know you are thinking that it means you have to pay much for this hosting service, but actually not it is really one of the affordable and cost-effective hostings.

These days cloud has become 1st option for many hosting users due to its reliability where you get the network uptime assurance and you don’t have to think about if my storage got crashed what will happen of my data etc. Cloud Hosting was invented to counter the negative aspects of Shared hosting, VPS and Dedicated servers usage where your site is hosted on a single physical machine with a single network which always forces you to give a think about the Data security but with Cloud hosting you don’t need to waste your time thinking such technical concerns.

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I don’t want but have to say that shared hosting is no longer best web hosting in all hosting because Linux cloud is taking lead in hosting market. Nowadays Linux cloud is really trending in hosting market. But why, you want to know? Wait don’t be curious. So let’s start…

Benefits of cloud hosting

  • It gives you SSD storage which ensures you about your data protection.
  • Best for heavy traffic websites.
  • The most secure hosting for website data.
  • Very cost effective and affordable.
  • Allows greater protection from overwhelming.
  • Also gives high-performance rate.
  • Easy to manage a website.

Why Linux cloud is better than shared hosting..??

Linux cloud hosting is a better option because of its ability to handle as many as traffic low or high. It is more secured from shared hosting without uploading or installing any security software because of its improved security protection and having data on different servers at different locations means attacking website for any person is not going to easy and the best part is its reliability.

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Now come at cost, I know cloud hosting is more expensive than shared hosting but trust me it worth’s what you pay for it. There are also a sort of plans which and you can go with them which suit your requirement and pocket.

If you are thinking to go with VPS for Separate resources than cloud hosting is best alternative where you can invest your money and time. Or if you’re planning to grow your website you can’t just have a shared hosting for whole life you have to move on to other and Linux cloud is the best option. It has high performance rate from others and cloud hosting has more advantages than shared hosting.

So what are you waiting for if you want to upgrade your website than do it now.

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