The Importance of Publishing Regular Content on Your Site in 2019

The Importance of Publishing Regular Content on Your Site in 2019

Top bloggers and content marketers are suggesting to the business owners and Entrepreneurs to publish fresh content over their respective blogs and sites. But many entrepreneurs don’t take this suggestion seriously so they do not follow this super important advice to make their blog better for readers.

In fact, regularly publishing fresh content can engage more visitors, make more money and enhance affiliate programs.

Bloggers interact with readers via content. Everything is available over the internet in the form of content. Somebody search a query and wants to get the right information. To get the information they need to read the available content.

Content works for website like food and air do for humans. It is the breath of websites.

Every website does need fresh content on daily basis or in certain time period just like human beings need fresh air and food to make them alive.

Good content may deliver the right information of your service to the end users in right manner. Content plays vital role in the success of every blog and online business. Your blog have great design, fast options, easy contact support, attractive user interface and other useful things, all these things can boost only business productiveness not the user engagement and sales.

But a well-researched and depth content may increase the leads and sales.

Another side, you have listened this term so many times that “content is the king”. I hope you did.

Content is really most trust-able thing and has also confirmed by Google. Google has designed its specific algorithm called “panda” which is fully devoted to punish the plagiarized content. A research has been proved that a good content is the responsible for 75% visitors which come to the site.

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So, hope you would understand the how powerful the content is.

Types of Content

Content marketers are accountable to create high quality stuff to their businesses. It is necessary to every content marketer to create such content which can provide real time advantage.

This is one of the biggest problems which are often faced by marketers.  

There are lots of ways to figure out the different shapes of content. But creation process takes lots of hard work, research and patience.

Here, we are revealing all types of content along with their uses and how they are work.

  1. Video Content

Video is one of the most trending things over the internet. It is the greatest way to reach up to more clients and generates more leads.

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According to the survey, those businesses use video to do their product promotion they get more attentions from customers rather than their competitors. Videos are the proven way to push products and service towards the potential clients.

You can use this video marketing strategy using various ways. Some of these are –

  • Make some basic videos which are introducing your commercial website.
  • Create videos which are explaining your services step by step.
  • Make videos to give instructions to your customers like “how to use” and “case studies”.

These simple tips may take your business to the next level.

  • Infographic

You cannot ignore the power of info graphics. Most of bloggers suggest to the entrepreneurs to use info graphics as the content to encourage their business. Those use the info graphics amid to increase sales and brand awareness they find 84% increased revenue in their sales graph, a research said.

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But it is essential to make effective, creative, shareable info graphics and eventually related to targeted business.

To benefited from this format of content, you have to pay close attention –

  • You should give importance to the info graphic like other textual content.
  • Make it with full interest, otherwise hire a graphic designer.
  • You can use memes, catchy headlines, subheading, business or funny symbols to make it more interesting to the readers.

 Hope these tips are enough.

  • EBooks

EBook is one of the most interesting ways to engage visitors, return previous clients, keep content for long time and generate leads. Every blogger uses eBook because this shapes of content help them to make good money.

Webmasters are using this way to make quality and effective email list to do email marketing.

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Before going to create eBooks, you must have to be an expert and have in-depth knowledge from every angle and get some ideas from older eBooks from famous bloggers.

  • Case Studies

Case study has played the main role behind the many successful bloggers and businesses. It is the most trustable format of content which is highly recommended by bloggers to entrepreneurs.

You can check this source to gain real experience –

These things you can achieve from case studies article in nutshell time –

  • Tell your readers what you are doing exactly.
  • Promote multiple products using one single long article.
  • Use images and info graphics effectively with the single article.

Do Content Marketing

Content marketing is a process of produce engaging content to increase brand awareness and reputation. Content marketing is the method of planning, creating, editing, marketing and disturbing content using several, popular and related sharing and social media platforms.

You also need to create content which will be able to share by visitors.

Planning is the starting process before you do create content.

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First conduct a research to understand your audience and their needs. Learn what your customers exactly want to buy. Then start creation.

After set a goal, this is the time to start creation process.

You have to get new ideas, read competitor’s articles, headlines, topics and other content like info graphics material and conclusion parts. This is the process of implementing new ideas, assets, useful and readable stuff to intent of user engagement.

If you are not able to make content then should hire a professional writer or industry specific writer. Specific writer is the best option to build up strong piece of article.

In fact, popular bloggers are industrialist and passionate about their certain profession.

Your article should be maintain relevancy, proper explanation, tips and tricks, use subheading to clear what your thought, describe your aim, explain customers will and how they can cover it.

Attractive images, info graphics and videos can make your article more interesting and shareable to the readers.

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When you have done content written-process then this is the time of start publishing and distributing it.

First, you have post this blog post over the official blog then let Google crawl it. Google algorithms take time to consider any webpage. You can use Google webmaster’s fetch options to crawl the content fast.

But, eventually it will depend on algorithm and blog trust flow.

After that, you have to post and share it on several popular platforms to make it more preventive and generate backlinks.

In order to share it, find blog sharing directory and join social media groups and pages. If you want to go ahead then spend some cents to get advantage of paid blogging platforms. You will also benefit in the form of do-follow and high authority backlinks.


Hope, you would understand the importance of web articles and its marketing. All the businesses which are successfully stood over the internet, actually they are supported by the effective and straight forward strategy of quality influencer content marketing.

There is not truth and no hidden secret of every popular website apart from content.

Ask any question using below comments section.

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