Shared Hosting Vs Others Hosting

Shared Hosting Vs Others Hosting

Shared hosting is the first option to launch your website on the internet. It has some benefits and some limits. We can explain it with the example of a new startup.

What is Shared Hosting?

When a startup company starts a business a website is a very import platform to launch its products where it can show its all products with features and offer to price.

With a shared hosting option, you’ll get shared space to launch a website, some database, a couple of FTP accounts to upload the data on server and number of mail ids’ on your domain. We at hostnetindia provide cheapest shared hosting services with free tech support.

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What are the Advantages of Shared Web Hosting?

Hostnetindia Features vs others hosting in India

  • Lowest charges: When you plan to launch your website on shared space it gives you the upper hand with pricing where you don’t need to pay extra charges for license, OS or database.
  • Shared resources: Shared server gives you the option to use all the resources/application which is installed on a shared server of our company.
  • No extra charges for security: When you come to buy this you won’t need to pay any additional charges for #data protection and #firewall security.
  • Managed services: When you buy it we’ll provide you managed services which will give you space to relax about management problem.
  • Free backup option: When you buy our shared hosting we provide free backup services on a daily, weekly, monthly schedule.
  • Free migration: we are always ready to assist our clients in migration when they choose to give us the change for assistance. We also make them unable to handle such a situation if they face any kind of issues in the future again.
  • No charges for ticket support: When it comes to technical issues no is sure about the worst situation so therefore we’re always ready to encounter such a situation with the help of technical experience and expertise. In this regard, we enable our clients to raise ticket 24*7 in such kind of situation.

Please feel free to contact us for any query regarding shared hosting, we’d be glad to assist you.


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