How to Promote Your Cloud Hosting Services?

Cloud Hosting Services
Cloud Hosting Services

The technology that brings to you the data center facilities, storage and computing power, over the internet, is called the cloud. In regular hosting, a single server contains all the files of one’s website, when a user types in the web site’s URL, these files from the server are served up to let the user gain access to the website’s content.

In a cloud, data is stored across multiple servers, it has more to do with server configuration than tangible physical servers. In the center of the cloud hosting is a network of virtualized servers running on the top of a network of physical servers.

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Cloud has revolutionized the hosting environment because web hosting on a cloud server has many benefits:

•    Search engines take into account the loading speed of website pages while ranking it, with data on the cloud, it loads with lighting speed because the cloud can carry out easier load balancing with multiple servers in the system. That increases the website’s capacity and improves its ranking.

•    With the cloud, pricing is not an issue. The plans are such that you pay only for what you use. It is not like the fixed monthly subscription that has to be paid in regular hosting.

•    Server resources are easily scalable. Instead of buying a new plan or upgrading the package in case of unusual traffic, server resources can be scaled to meet the surging demands without having to wait for the hosting provider’s approval.

Cloud offers numerous other benefits like high availability, redundant server environment which ensures that a backup of the website will take over in case the existing site crashes, it provides a faster server setup method and the clients are protected from hardware issues, etc. It’s because the cloud is a wonderful technology, its use began in many types of different fields. In the hosting world too, there are a large number of players offering cloud hosting services leading to burgeoning competition. In this scenario, it is important that a cloud hosting service provider uses digital marketing dexterously to keep the business active and running for itself.

Following is a brief account of the measures marketers of a cloud service provider (CSP) can make use of to increase business:

Fulfilling security demands and tackling new risks:

Cloud computing has been doubted for security concerns. If your company addresses these risks actively and employs security appropriate policies then the clients will automatically be able to trust the cloud more. CSPs that comply with the regulations like the PCI DSS and the HIPAA in the US are preferred more. Firewalls, integrity monitoring, and logging are the other tools that are used to make cloud secure. Promoting these efforts on the company’s website and elsewhere on the web will bring the business more clients. Marketers have to ensure that all the doubts regarding cloud security are cleared by educating the clients that you are capable of providing enterprise-grade solutions that go beyond data center capabilities.


This style of marketing is in trend across different industries. Similarly, you need to form a compelling story to be able to cut through the crowds and lead. An engaging and concise content that is easy to consume would work just fine for your business. The content must have an educational tone because cloud buyers come from different backgrounds and levels of expertise, it is important to help them understand the underlying tech to be able to convince them for the services.

Falling Behind The Curve:

To keep the SEO team abreast of the latest technological updates and developments in the market is essential to prevent the marketing of your enterprise from falling behind the curve.

Taking Care of Your Position:

Instead of promoting yourself as just a cloud vendor, portray the firm as an IT partner. If you target being a part of the IT strategy of your clients, you need to convince them that you are more than a vendor. Show them expertise in different cloud models-private, public, and hybrid cloud services, make them realize how your service will make them achieve their goals. You must offer them more- industry regulated data encryption, quick data recovery, transparency, and remote management and support teams. The additional services that you offer will put the clients at ease and help seal the deal which is a win-win for both the parties.

Account-Based Marketing

ABM or key account marketing is a viable option to leverage when it comes to targeting both customers and prospects to sell more and grow your business. ABM can level up the relevance of your brand and the return on investment (ROI) can also be driven up through marketing. LinkedIn Account Targeting will get your cloud hosting services in the notice of people who matter, who are decision-makers and they are your best options.

Allay Their Worries About Storage Gaps

Understanding the unique needs of clients is a natural way to forge long-term stronger partnerships. Cloud marketers have to offer to fill gaps in the clients’ storage to make them interested in buying the services that you have to offer.

Simpler Dashboard:

Cloud servers in the past used to be typical to manage and one needed to have a certain level of knowledge and expertise to manage and scale the server. By promoting a simple server dashboard, you can entice the client’s attention in your service.

Become One of The Most Meaningful Options:

By decreasing the overall impact on the environment, a cloud hosting provider can put forward an ambitious claim of ‘being a part of the solution to our climate problem.’ Cloud hosting makes use of lesser resources than the traditional hosting option and that does leave a less negative impact by saving on the energy-hungry data centers.

Author – Sanchita Mittal writes on tech topics and she works at cloudoye.

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