How to Launch a WordPress Website

How to Launch a WordPress Website

Nowadays launching a WordPress website is much easier than playing chess you need good tricks, talent, and knowledge right. Now coming back to launching website that we are talking about is very easy, it just needs to follow several steps and here you are ready with your own WordPress website.

In this article, we’re going to cover some important and of course easy steps to launch a website using WordPress, it is basically a CMS means content management system. Want to make a great website in just a few steps? So, focus, roll up your sleeves and get to work!

1. Get an Idea
2. Give it an Identity
3. Give it a Home
4. Install WordPress and choose Theme
5. Install plugins
6. Create Good Content
7. Design your WordPress Website
8. Live your WordPress Website

Step #1: Get an Idea

 Now to develop or launch a great website you have to make a clear goal and an amazing idea. For example: what you want to write movie reviews or some tutorials. Also before setting up your mind about your website you have to focus on getting traffic and people to sign up on your website to buy your services or products. You need a fully organized concept to save your valuable time.

First you have to make your mind clear about some important points to launch your own WordPress website:-

  • Why you want to create a website to make you some money, or it’s just a platform to show your creativity and hobby.
  • Whom you target as your audience a particular generation, city or country.
  • And the last but not the least write down some points about what you want to focus on for your website.

Above points are very important and related to each other. When you launch money making a website or to show your hobby you need to target audience those have an interest in your service.

Step #2: Give it an Identity

After making up your mind and setting up the goals you need an identity for your website. Having an identity for your website or in technical words a domain helps your audience to connect with you, remember you, find you and to identify you with an extension .com, .in, .net or .org and many more whatever suits you and your pocket. I personally use .com.

I recommend you to make a bunch of names that are easy to remember and type. Also represents your website and its service. And can make a brand name in the future. And follow these below roads to get success in launching your own WordPress website.

  • Signup with a good domain registrar website
  • Check availability of your domain.
  • Add your product to cart
  • And select your plan
  • Pay for your services

And you are done. You’ve owned your own domain. Yee, congratulations. You just made a small investment for your websites bright future.

Step#3: Give it a Home

The next step for your journey is to give your website a place its own home, a web hosting to store it. There are sorts of web hosting’s which purely depends on the requirement of your website and what functionality you want from it.

You are going to create your wordpress website then shared web hosting is the best and hostnetindia web host is suitable for you.

Every form of web hosting is a good option but used only for its correct usage. Suppose you are a startup with low traffic and couple of Email id’s then for a guess you would go with Shared/Reseller Hosting if you’ll be needed more resources you might choose cloud hosting. So here everything has its own pros and cons. So choose on your own what you need to run your services smoothly. Cloud Hosting and Linux hosting is the best suitable option for a wordpress website.

Choose your hosting with a focused mindset because hosting plays a very important part in your website ranking, search engine optimization, website speed and to increase your audience.

Step #4: Install WordPress and choose Theme

To install WordPress you can easily contact your hosting provider to install it on your web hosting for you. Or you can do it yourself easily with your hosting panel.

Nowadays web hosting service providers also provide WordPress hosting with an already installed and ready to use WordPress admin panel.

Now you need a theme to create your webpages. There are two types of themes you can use free and paid. Or you can also create your web pages by yourself and ya just relax you don’t need any coding knowledge to create a website with WordPress. You can easily do all the things and can make layouts for your website on your own.

Note –

Choose your theme and web hosting ideally, take your time, test it that it’s perfect for you or not because it will be a long-term decision you can’t change your theme and your hosting regularly.

Step #5: Install plugins

Plugins are a type of software component that adds a specific feature to your website. There are two types of plugins free and paid. I recommend you to go with free plugins because there are numbers of free plugins that have amazing features and don’t waste your money on paid plugins if its feature is not an essential part for your website.

Note – Always remember to skip plugins that have four-star ratings and doesn’t get updated from almost past six months because they can harm your website.

Step #6: Create Good Content

Now you have to start making a site content without wasting your valuable time to attract people. I suggest writing some good and long-form blog content with targeted keywords that can help your website to rank well.

To write content for your WordPress website here some steps to follow that will help you:-

  • Do keyword research with these amazing tools and methods:-
    • Google suggest
    • Google keyword planner
    • KWFinder
    • Google Trends
  • Make question and answer type content
  • Use headings and subheadings in the form of h1, h2, h3 and so on
  • Write attractive headlines or titles
  • Do graphic designing that includes both images and videos

Create as much as good content you can that people will love to read and know. This will help you to increase your website traffic.

Step #7: Design your WordPress Website

Now the next step in creating your website is to customize your theme according to your choice to fit in with your content and your objectives.

Putting all the content together must be a long process and will take time but designing your website will help you in so many ways like a good looking website will attract people. Just remember that it’s all for your website’s faith.

Step #8: Live your WordPress Website

Live your website when you have completed your whole website design and published your first content on your new website. And remember you have to post good content at least in a week it will help you to engage the audience.

After publishing your website on the internet you have to follow some steps so Google can crawl your website easily.

  • Setup search console
  • Install Bing webmaster tool
  • Upload robots.txt file
  • Make sitemap.xml
  • Check Google analytics
  • Do SEO both on-page and off-page
  • Do Content Marketing

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Now you also have to set up a social media presence to interact with your audience and also create a business e-mail account to market your website with email, in other words, email marketing.

Doing all these things and following all the steps will ultimately help you to make and achieve your long term goals.


Launching a WordPress website is not that tough and it’s also not that easy but almost anyone can set up a WordPress website with some good knowledge and help. It is a time-consuming process but time pays right. You just need a plan, a concept and good content to go ahead. At last, you have created a road to success that will help you to grow more.

If you find this article helpful for you in any way then please share it with others and also need another help or have some questions you can comment below. Till than grow more and all the best for your journey to Launch WordPress Website.

This illustration will help you to understand more –

Launch a WordPress website


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