Master the Art of Cheap Web Hosting In Budget

Cheap Web Hosting

Organizations or individuals need web hosting services to post their website on the internet. A web hosting service provider provides the necessary technologies and support to post the websites which are stored on servers. Before that, you require getting a unique domain name and in case you don’t have this name, the hosting service provider will assist you to buy one.

The simple steps to host a website are:

  • Choose the type of website you need to build for your purpose i.e. static or dynamic. Static sites simply disseminate information and they are not interactive like dynamic sites for e-commerce purpose.
  • Select the hosting server and web hosting offers.
  • Change your DNS address and upload your website. 

Great web hosting services ensure a flawless experience to businesses so that they can focus properly on their business efforts. With a large number of hosting service providers, the hosting rates vary considerably and nobody would like to spend a lot of amount just for hosting. So this article provides the top five tips to master the art of cheap web hosting in the budget.

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Make a Priority List for Your Business

It is necessary to make a priority list containing the solutions provided by your business before searching an online host for your site. This will help you to decide about the quality and cost of hosting rather than just being dependent upon a cheap hosting service provider.

Make a Priority List for Your Business
Make a Priority List for Your Business

Several questions may arise in your mind like-Which strategy is most suitable for your site requirements? Which is the best host for your purpose? etc. With the priority list available, you can easily and quickly search the online host for your website or mobile app without any complication.

Analyzing the Host’s Services for your site

Suppose you have a developed a blog site for yourself to engage more visitors and hence get more web traffic to your site. You can also provide a feedback form for your site visitors. The site will require more space on the server with the increase in posts uploaded. So a reliable host is required at the best prices.

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Among the several online cheap hosts available, some can prove to be troublesome or later on cut corners with your concern. A cheap offer can only be a temptation that you can’t resist, so it is always wise to judge the reason for a hosting service to be so inexpensive.  The type of business you are in and the standard support required for your website should align with the hosting services offered to you.

Check the Hosting features

An ideal web host will highlight the key features in the package offered. The main things to be checked are:

  • Storage space:  A quality host will offer unlimited storage while some still provide 5GB limit or less.
  • Add-on domains:  Many web hosts will provide you enough space for additional domains while some will provide space only for one additional domain or not at all.
  • E-mail addresses: Hosts might/might not specify the number of email addresses that you can create in the package.
  • Control panel:  Check which control panels are used by the host like cPanel or a customized alternative and pick the one which suits you more.
  • Support for pre-installed website scripts: Verify that support is there for installation of WordPress, Magento, and Drupal, etc. Ensure that any specialized feature like e-commerce integration is also supported if you need.

Check the Server Speed and Uptime

Server speed refers to the time taken by a web server to respond to a request. Every request must be responded very quickly and the ideal server speed suggested by Google is 200ms or less. A fast server response is necessary for better user experience. However, there are also such web hosts who overload their servers thereby lowering the speed for your site.

The top web hosts offer a great server speed ensuring a fast response time. You can easily test the server speed of a web host with free online speed checker tools like Pingdom Tools, KeyCDN Tools, etc.

A web host’s good uptime is vital for the smooth running of your website which otherwise can go down for some duration. Reliable hosts have better uptime>99% and anything less than that should be avoided.  Many free online tools like uptimerobot,, etc.  are available for tracking the host’s uptime and monitoring your site.

Contact their Tech Support before Purchasing a Plan

Reliable web hosts have an expert customer support team to provide high-quality tech support to clients. You can test the tech support before buying a hosting plan by contacting them through online chat, email or phone and asking questions about storage limit, site script availability, etc.

Please also feel free to ask them about any hidden catches/costs in their terms of service or renewal price. Good web hosts will definitely provide accurate information to you while the awful one will ignore their customer service.

It is wise to check for their refund policy in terms of service. Suppose you choose a web host and later on realize that it’s not worthy for your purpose. Great web hosts don’t mind this and also offer a fair refund policy which you can utilize to pick another host.

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