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Things Consider Before Selecting Dedicated Server
Ajay at Sat Apr 2018 18:00:19

Things Consider Before Selecting Dedicated Server

I'll just start it with a practical question. Just think you want to make an app like Facebook. There are many people who have this ambition. Here the question number one which occurs is which server you need.

I always suggest to consider below points before selecting any dedicated server/VM/Cloud:

What is the impact of server downtime on your business?

One of the first things to consider when selecting a dedicated server is how to deal with potential downtime. If you are also looking for VM and Cloud this fact plays vital role. So choose the service provider wisely with least downtime.

Scalability of your application

Scalability is also an important factor while selecting a dedicated server. How well does your application scale? Is it easy to add more servers and will that increase the amount of end users you can service? If it is easy for you to scale, it doesn’t matter whether you use a dedicate...

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Why Windows SSD Cloud is better for Big Data
Ajay at Sat Mar 2018 20:38:41

Why Windows SSD Cloud is better for Big Data

Why Windows SSD Cloud is better for Big Data

If you’re company/individual with large data then definitely this post will be beneficial for you. Here this post explains why public cloud is better than other options.

According to a recent survey by Oracle, 80% of companies are planning to migrate their Large Data and analytics operations to the cloud. One of the main factors behind this was the success that these companies have had when dipping their toe into Large Data analytics. Another survey of US companies discovered that over 90% of enterprises had carried out a Large data initiative last year and that in 80% of cases, those projects had highly beneficial outcomes.

One of the issues with in-house, Large Data analyses is that it frequently involves the use of Hadoop. Whilst Apache’s open source software framework has revolutionised storage and Large Data processing, in-house teams find it very challenging to use. As a result, many businesses are turning to cloud...

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Special Offers March 2018
Ajay at Mon Jun 2018 16:33:03

Now We have come up with the March 2018 Exclusive offer on Windows SSD Cloud Linux VPS Server-Dedicated Server : INDIA Location. Please go through the promo and share your inputs, so that we can take it ahead accordingly.

Terms & Conditions:

MSP panel, MY SQL & MS SQL express edition will be free.

 Existing server cannot be replaced with the offersserver

Basic management and setup price is included with offer price

Prices are applicable on Half-Yearly purchase. Monthly price also available

Do write us [email protected] if you'd wish to get the most from this unmatched offer.


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HostNetIndia Windows ssd cloud vps server Redefining Your Business - HOSTNETINDIA
Gopal at Wed Feb 2018 19:05:14

Windows cloud vps stands between shared and dedicated hosts with respect to functions and functionality. Windows cloud vps gives you an edge over shared web servers and is similar to hosting in many aspects. The main server is portioned to function as separate Windows cloud . This gives you only possession of this area and gives you a limitation free server environment. This article talks about four ways in which HostNetIndia Windows cloud vps improves your efficiency and enhances your company.

Improved Security with HostNetIndia Cloud

Sole possession of your partition allows you to choose on the protection configurations of the server. Apart from this, no other web page will be organized in your area which stops any shared harmful ware from affecting your web page and program efficiency. This is practically not possible on a shared server. The best part is that the support agency keeps your protection settings up to date. This saves you a lot of persistence. Apart from this you also ha...

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Features And Benefits Of Windows SSD Cloud
Ajay at Mon Feb 2018 15:01:10

Features of hostnetindia windows SSD Cloud

We need a secure, reliable, updated and environment friendly platform to use web services in new world of technology. We at hostnetindia are providing windows SSD Cloud which are more secured, cheaper and reliable in this cut throat competitive world. Hostnetindia provides complete solution to our clients with windows SSD cloud including mail solution, control panel, and MS SQL Database etc. When you collaborate with us, you get:

  • Rapid Provisioning: When you give us the order for windows SSD Cloud we provide you assurance for rapid provisioning which saves your precious time. 
  • Uptime Guaranteed: In the field of information technology uptime is the very crucial factor which can increase our business if it’s good and also can down our business if not perform well. So we know this factor very well and we assure our clients for Guaranteed uptime for windows SSD Cloud...

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