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How to Reset MySQL root Password in Linux
Gopal at Sat Aug 2018 11:49:38

Q. How to reset MySQL root password in Linux? How do I recover MySQL root password? I forgot MySQL root password, steps to change MySQL root password? How to reset MySQL root password using the command line. How to reset forgotten MySQL root password on Linux? How to reset MySQL 5.7 root password?

MySQL is an open source database software widely used for data storage. Sometimes we forgot MySQL root password. So don’t be panic, This blog will help you to reset MySQL root password with simple steps.

Step 1 – Start MySQL in Safemode
First of all, you are required to stop running MySQL server. Use one of the following commands to stop MySQL server on your Linux system.


# systemctl stop mysql.service    //For Systemd based Systems  “

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How to Choose SEO-Friendly Web Hosting-2018
Gopal at Mon Feb 2018 14:11:20

From the view point of online marketing purpose, it is crucial to choose SEO-friendly web hosting. With multiple web hosting options around, some crucial factors must be taken into consideration while selecting a host to represent your website. Here are some guidelines for you to follow while electing a SEO-friendly hosting provider.

Tips #1

Consider your target audience based on geographic features. Are those potential visitors coming from specific locations or all over the globe? In other words, where do they live? This question is crucial to your web hosting choice. This will ultimately decide if you are looking for a high rank in regional or international search engine listing.

Tips #2

Check the IP address type. If you are a starter, it is more likely that you won’t be able to afford a dedicated hosting server. However, if you decide to work with...

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Why Secure Web Development Is Required
Gopal at Tue Feb 2018 15:45:02

Why secure web development is required?

Secure Web Development is another major aspect to prevent data breach on the net. During website development, several data security measures should be taken into account.Therefore hostnetindia is assisting small businesses with shared hosting and reseller hosting.

Often malicious softwares are programmed to attack the websites/web servers to gain unauthorized accesses to the password, credit card details or email ids. Few malicious practices account for about major portion of vulnerabilities on the web. Hostnetindia has also launched Windows SSD Cloud which are secured, Reliable, Cheaper and faster.

Hence it is advisable to invest in security of the Web development.. Hostnetindia. comes to your rescue to manage all your insecurities with its hi-end deliverables.


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How To Secure Your Site With HTTPS
Ajay at Wed Feb 2018 13:05:59

How To Secure Your Site With HTTPS

What is Internet Security: Protecting In-Transit Information

It's very crucial to protect your sensitive information when using the web. We hear the news Every day, about stealing of private information like credit cards credentials, internet bank logins, email passwords, and social networks travel over the web—so obviously we think how to secure these information. That’s why internet security measures like encryption are becoming mandatory.

At the other hand client-side security solutions like regular operation system updates, firewalls and antivirus software are widely used; the important thing here is server side security. This is because accessing the Internet involves connections between several computers, not just your own. This means that your data, like passwords, credit card credentials, and post to social networks, are “traveling” over a networ...

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