Basics of SSL Certificate

Learn The Basic of SSL Certificate

SSL certificate is Secure Sockets Layer; it offers the private connection between the server and web browser by encrypting the data. This technology contains highly standard features which ensure the protection of sensitive information. This SSL certificate protects the crucial data from hackers. SSL Certificates are installed to merely domains and they works for only […]

importance of ssl

The Importance of SSL Certificate

Did you know that what is an SSL certificate and why it is so important for your website? Here, you can gain some basic knowledge about SSL Certificate and the Importance of SSL. I know some of you aren’t aware of SSL certificate but you know what, it is very important so let’s start. Firstly […]

Do You Need an SSL Certificate for Your Blog?

Do You Need an SSL Certificate for Your Blog?

You have seen plenty of times that many websites domain name starts with HTTPS or the rest of them starts with HTTP. Why bloggers use SSL Certificate with their domains? When you see the “https” sign in the browser address bar, it means your website is secure. You can see another security sign in the […]