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How To Secure Your Site With HTTPS
Ajay at Wed Feb 2018 13:05:59

How To Secure Your Site With HTTPS

What is Internet Security: Protecting In-Transit Information

It's very crucial to protect your sensitive information when using the web. We hear the news Every day, about stealing of private information like credit cards credentials, internet bank logins, email passwords, and social networks travel over the web—so obviously we think how to secure these information. That’s why internet security measures like encryption are becoming mandatory.

At the other hand client-side security solutions like regular operation system updates, firewalls and antivirus software are widely used; the important thing here is server side security. This is because accessing the Internet involves connections between several computers, not just your own. This means that your data, like passwords, credit card credentials, and post to social networks, are “traveling” over a network until they reach...

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Shared hosting vs others hosting in india
Ajay at Tue Feb 2018 16:06:35

What is shared Hosting?

Shared hosting is the first option to launch your website on internet. It has some benefits and some limits. We can explain it with the example of a new startup. When a statup company starts business a website is very import platform to launch its products where it can show its all products with features and offer pricing. With shared hosting option you'll get shared space to launch website, some database, couple of FTP accounts to upload the data on server and number of mail ids' on your domain. We at hostnetindia provide cheapest shared hosting services with free tech support.

Hostnetindia shared hosting vs others hosting in india

  • Lowest charges: When you plan to lauch your website on shared space it gives you upper hand with pricing where you don't neet to pay extra charges for licence, OS or database.
  • Shared resources: Shared server gives you the o...

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