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Keyword Research Advanced Techniques -HOSTNETINDIA
Gopal at Tue Feb 2018 16:04:46

Keyword analysis is the first step of SEO work. If you want a good rank in search engine result ladder, choosing the right keywords that are in high relevance with your business type is extremely important.

Majority of time spent for keyword research goes into trying to figure out what the users may type in the search box while looking for content. Choice of words is crucial to search engines as different words serve different purposes and also instruct the search engines what to do – dish out information, make a purchase or anything else.

Now, according to the specific goal of the website owner, an SEO professional may have high traffic flow in mind. The experts can also target those who are more likely to convert to customers. In either of the cases, the SEO experts often find themselves trying to do an uphill task while keeping themselves aware of frequent changes of algorithms, which are meant to produce more relevant results for the users.

The result, in depth, refers to a three-tier b...

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How to Choose SEO-Friendly Web Hosting-2018
Gopal at Mon Feb 2018 14:11:20

From the view point of online marketing purpose, it is crucial to choose SEO-friendly web hosting. With multiple web hosting options around, some crucial factors must be taken into consideration while selecting a host to represent your website. Here are some guidelines for you to follow while electing a SEO-friendly hosting provider.

Tips #1

Consider your target audience based on geographic features. Are those potential visitors coming from specific locations or all over the globe? In other words, where do they live? This question is crucial to your web hosting choice. This will ultimately decide if you are looking for a high rank in regional or international search engine listing.

Tips #2

Check the IP address type. If you are a starter, it is more likely that you won’t be able to afford a dedicated hosting server. However, if you decide to work with...

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Keyword Density Is It Really Important
Gopal at Tue Feb 2018 15:44:46

However, selection of keyword is not enough and you need to maintain density of the same in the body of your content. Keyword density is considered extremely critical to get a good rank in the leading search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Each of different search engines has different algorithms which play a significant role in determining the ranking of a particular website in the search result page.

What is keyword density?

Search engines have strict guidelines regarding keyword density and the websites owners, who cross the limit of keyword tolerance, are punished with drop in site ranking. However, Bing and Yahoo usually accept a higher density compared to Google. Keyword density actually refers to how many times you should use the word or phrase on your website or in content taking a tour of the web world. A keyword or keyphrase is usually used after some interval in a website or an article. And keyword density is determined in respect of total volume of words.

In bygone days, many of the SEO experts were almost obsessed with keyword den...

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5 Important Tips to Develop a Powerful PR Strategy
Gopal at Tue Feb 2018 15:53:03

As a SEO professional, you may be surprised to know that most of what we do for search engine optimization is actually press reporting or PR. In fact, many of you have never thought that way. However, better it is for us to get out of our preconceived concept about PR. Sooner we throw away the old, rotten idea and adapt to a new one, better it will be for us to gain most from its application and best practices.

However, it is unfortunate that despite evolution in technology and channel of communication, there is lack of acceptance on our part. We must understand though a massive change has already taken place in the way we now communicate with people, it ultimately gets down to a basic – a person is talking with another one. The PR experts know it better how to work with people. Social media is basically a communication channel that can be utilized by PR professionals, lead generators, customer-service spokespersons – in a word, SEO professionals.

PR Strategy – Basic Concept

Public relation to...

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Features And Benefits Of Windows SSD Cloud
Ajay at Mon Feb 2018 15:01:10

Features of hostnetindia windows SSD Cloud

We need a secure, reliable, updated and environment friendly platform to use web services in new world of technology. We at hostnetindia are providing windows SSD Cloud which are more secured, cheaper and reliable in this cut throat competitive world. Hostnetindia provides complete solution to our clients with windows SSD cloud including mail solution, control panel, and MS SQL Database etc. When you collaborate with us, you get:

  • Rapid Provisioning: When you give us the order for windows SSD Cloud we provide you assurance for rapid provisioning which saves your precious time. 
  • Uptime Guaranteed: In the field of information technology uptime is the very crucial factor which can increase our business if it’s good and also can down our business if not perform well. So we know this factor very well and we assure our clients for Guaranteed uptime for windows SSD Cloud...

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