Best ways to speed up your website

Best ways to speed up your website

With increasing internet speed around the world, web users are becoming less tolerated of loading times. Users abandon websites that takes longer time to load and this will lead high bounce rate.

Image Optimization

When someone opens any page of a website user’s browser takes time to load every single part of that page. And Actually to know about the loading speed of your website pages including images you will have to optimize them to decrease the loading time so client does not waste so much time only in browsing your site.

  1. Re-size image

You can easily resize or crop your image in image editing software’s like Paint, Photoshop, CorelDraw, Illustrator, etc. and also online image editing tools. To optimize your image you have to resize your image area before uploading it on your website.

2. Compress image

After re-sizing and uploading if your website loads time is still slow because of large size image file. Then you can compress your image size with best online image compression tools like ImageResize one of the best image compression online tool. Just upload your image and this tool will easily reduce the size of image without reducing the resolution and affecting quality of image.

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Plugin purge

We all know that website plugins are very helpful for a website. Free plugins attract website owners to add more and more than they actually need for their website. But did you know all the plugins that you add require space or different resources to run. Huge number of plugins will affect the speed of your website. So uninstall the plugins that you are actually not using and not helpful to your website. So get rid of them this will speed up your website.

Upgrade site scripts

Check regularly for new releases and new updates of your site and upgrade them. But always take backups of your current files. Upgrading your site scripts is very important because site script developers always improve their codes, particularly for speed of your site. Latest versions eliminate the coded roadblocks and make your websites speed way better and faster.

By these you can speed up your site faster and can get always better result from visitors and Google. Also Hosting is one of the main factors for your website speed. Speed of your website is one of the ranking factors in search results. Means you need to make your website speed a priority to take it on top.


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