Reasons to buy a Managed Dedicated Server

6 Reasons to Buy a Managed Dedicated Server

Corporates or large business houses which require enhanced security, solid network, up to the mark performance and dedicated resources surely advised having their own dedicated server. Having a managed dedicated server helps you in many ways and provides you many powerful features which are not available in Shared hosting or VPS Hosting. At the other […]

What is Cloud Computing And why you need it

What is Cloud Computing And Why You Need It

First of all, I would like to describe the basic meaning of cloud, by the way, most of you already know about Cloud computing but for common people understanding it is here: What is Cloud Computing? In cloud computing, a number of dedicated server/physical servers act as a dedicated server. So instead of a website […]

Why Windows SSD Cloud Is Better For Big Data

Why Windows SSD Cloud Is Better For Big Data

If you are company/individual with large data then definitely this post will be beneficial for you. Here this post explains why windows SSD cloud is better than other options. According to a recent survey by Oracle, 80% of companies are planning to migrate their Large Data and analytics operations to the cloud. One of the […]

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Things Consider Before Selecting Dedicated Server

I’ll just start it with a practical question. Just think you want to make an app like Facebook. There are many people who have this ambition. Here the question number one which occurs is which server you need. I always suggest to consider below points before selecting any dedicated server/VM/Cloud: What is the Impact of […]

Shared Hosting Vs Others Hosting

Shared Hosting Vs Others Hosting

Shared hosting is the first option to launch your website on the internet. It has some benefits and some limits. We can explain it with the example of a new startup. What is Shared Hosting? When a startup company starts a business a website is a very import platform to launch its products where it […]