Utmost 5 Tips to Improve Your Website Mobile Friendliness in 2019 (Updated)

Utmost 5 Tips to Improve Your Website Mobile Friendliness in 2019

“Mobile-friendly” term is not common nowadays. It has become popular among top 5 things over the internet correlated to the SEO and website. Google is operating and managing websites using various ranking factors and mobile-friendly version is one of them. it means you have to make and improve the website’s mobile friendliness.

It has become serious concern for most of bloggers because making a website which has responsive design, is not easy. Another side, most of mobile devices are different in sizes and interface. So it is not easy to measure for every web developer to manage all sizes in one single website.

Mobile device’s users are rising every day and bloggers are getting traffic from different mobile gadgets and increasing sales graph. Smartphones have become the necessary part of our daily life. We cannot think one single day without having phones. And social media apps which are being used in smartphone are another advantage of mobile because of we can turn potential traffic from these apps to our blogs to generate revenue.

Now, you have understood how necessary mobile friendly website is. This article will provide you advance information on improve your site mobile friendliness and get more traffic by reaching more customers.

Boost your keywords in organic search result is one of the biggest advantage of mobile friendly site.

Table Of Content
1. Form Responsive Design
2. Install Mobile Friendly Plugins
3. Implement Media Queries
4. Use images compression
5. Unblock JavaScript, CSS and JQuery
6. Final Suggestion

Form Responsive Design

Why responsive designing is essential to every site as a mobile solution? This question often comes in the mind of every internet users or blogger.

First thing you have to understand that making a responsive design is not an alternative of something, it is the necessary requirement.

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Do you know that developing a responsive website is not a new thing? It very old and experienced bloggers are already designing their websites to make them mobile friendliness since their starting stage. Most of them are USA based blogger who have become experts getting mobile traffic.

Mobile friendly sites have adjustable content which can easily adjust within every device like textual, images and videos are easy to load and easily to zoom by readers as per their comfort.

This thing can make your website favorite for users.

Another side, most of websites are very slow while scrolling by readers along with improper content and buttons visibility. These issues create disturbance to readers and cause the leave your site shortly.

Install Mobile Friendly Plugins      

WordPress is the most common and popular CMS over the internet. Every blogger wants to start their passion through wordpress. If you are running a business using a word press platform then plugins may play hug role in order to increase your website mobile friendliness graph. There are lots of plugins available to enable one single option in website.

But, it is also hard to choose one of them to create an option for readers within site. Most of bloggers are follow the strategies which are suggested by top influencers.

So utmost advise, install only workable plugins, always keep them up-to-date and always uninstall unwanted plugins. These three tips may help you to speed up site load time.

Implement Media Queries

Do you have heard this term “Media”? This is not related to the mass communication or something else. Media queries are having an essential part of coding like “leverage browser caching”. Leverage browser caching is also used to decrease the site loading time.

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But here we are communicating about media queries. When you implement these media queries into your frond end database then it may aid to increase your site friendliness.

These queries allow you to ask to a device what size they prefer. It allows the browser and site to adjust their content as per device interface. You can take a look from this image.

Use images compression

Images compression is one of the popular trick which is used by developers to speed up the site. This process doesn’t decrease the size (KB, MB) of image but it changes the data which is used by browser. If you reduce the physical size of an image, it can harm the image quality.

This process works well for the internet and browser when someone browses your site then internet and browser easily opens the site for users.

Compression means reduce the size of everything includes images, java script, and CSS without affecting their originality and quality.

Unblock JavaScript, CSS and JQuery

I have seen this thing in many website that many blogger’s admins are blocked JavaScript and CSS in order to secure them. JavaScript is the most common front end language and used with every back end language like PHP, Java etc. It is mainly the responsible to enhance the mobile friendliness parameter.

Before taking next step, it is necessary to confirms that JavaScript and CSS should not be blocked in your website case. Many website owners never aware about this thing so they do invisible their websites’ front end part to protect it. But blocking is not the process of protection and increase security.

Final Suggestion

This is our final advice to you to make your site easy to load in mobile devices. We have covered top 5 points and hope you would have understood all of them, if not then ask any question using below comment portion.

If your site is actually working slowly then this is the right time to update your website. Google updates their algorithms to create meaningful result for their user’s query. So, next Google update decrease your keyword ranking for a long time if you would not increase your website’s mobile friendliness level.


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