Hostnetindia's Dedicated Server Review

Hostnetindia’s Dedicated Server Review

A dedicated server is an internet or web hosting in which one person leases an entire server and not shared with another person. Owners have full control over the server, operating system, hardware, etc. it is best for high traffic websites because it can easily load high data at different places. If a hosting service […]

How does cloud hosting work

How Does Cloud Hosting Work

Cloud hosting has been the buzz word in the information technology sector in recent times. It comes with a bunch of advantages and is suitable for all types of businesses. The two primary factors that are responsible for the reach of cloud hosting solutions are the most straightforward way cloud hosting work, makes it ideal […]

How Can I Increase My Blog Traffic

How Can I Increase My Blog Traffic?

Blogging is a wonderful online thing amongst internet users. Various blogs have become brands today. They are well known by millions of people in the world. Because they are getting millions of monthly traffic through different platforms such as Google, Facebook and so on. Many people wondering that how such bloggers became successful? There is […]

Is Cloud Cheaper Than a Dedicated Server?

Is Cloud Cheaper Than a Dedicated Server?

Your company might have a website, and in fact, that website may be the crux of your business. Selecting the appropriate web host has many effects on a business that is very important to consider. Apart from the other implications, fast loading, 100% availability is of constant need. To know the significance of hosting services, […]

Reasons to buy a Managed Dedicated Server

6 Reasons to Buy a Managed Dedicated Server

Corporates or large business houses which require enhanced security, solid network, up to the mark performance and dedicated resources surely advised having their own dedicated server. Having a managed dedicated server helps you in many ways and provides you many powerful features which are not available in Shared hosting or VPS Hosting. At the other […]

What is Cloud Computing And why you need it

What is Cloud Computing And Why You Need It

First of all, I would like to describe the basic meaning of cloud, by the way, most of you already know about Cloud computing but for common people understanding it is here: What is Cloud Computing? In cloud computing, a number of dedicated server/physical servers act as a dedicated server. So instead of a website […]