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Emerging Data Center Trends in 2019 and Beyond

With innovations in artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing and big data analytics, the need to provide uninterrupted computing power has escalated. Data centers in India are constantly evolving to meet the dynamic needs of the industry and overcome the challenges arising on account of increasing complexities and interdependencies across the ecosystem. So, which trends […]

organic CTR

How to Improve Organic CTR on Google?

Click-through rate has been an integral part of Google’s criteria for page rankings. People tend to click through the headlines, which re-direct them to the actual websites. The SEO techniques and algorithms have changed a lot in recent times, and so is the user’s click-through rate as well. Organic click-through-rate is the overall ratio of […]

How to clean your WordPress site

How to Clean Your WordPress Site

Inevitably, after you have been running your WordPress site for some time, it’s bound to become messy and bulky. If you do regular maintenance and optimization work, you might slow this process down, but after some time, every site deserves a great spring cleaning. Here are the top ways to clean your WordPress website and […]

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A Roller Coaster Ride with VPS Hosting

The Internet has become a movement, a revolution which has changed how things used to work a decade ago. Ironically, something which came into existence as a tool for remote communication for the U.S. army became part and parcel of everyone’s life within a short period of time. We can owe a movement which has […]

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How to Promote Your Cloud Hosting Services?

The technology that brings to you the data center facilities, storage and computing power, over the internet, is called the cloud. In regular hosting, a single server contains all the files of one’s website, when a user types in the web site’s URL, these files from the server are served up to let the user […]

How to Launch a WordPress Website

How to Launch a WordPress Website

Nowadays launching a WordPress website is much easier than playing chess you need good tricks, talent, and knowledge right. Now coming back to launching website that we are talking about is very easy, it just needs to follow several steps and here you are ready with your own WordPress website. In this article, we’re going […]